Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Bonuses for Online Gambling

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t used an online gambling operator before because all of the sites you will come across will offer you a bonus. Some of the bonuses attract new clients, but others are created to make existing customers feel more comfortable while playing.

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Having said that, not everyone knows how to use some of the bonuses because they have a lot of specifics. Certain offers are more complicated than others, so only some know what to do. Yet, there are specific steps that customers can follow, and they will show them how to use specific bonuses for online gambling. Let’s dive in.

Learn more about the different types of promos

Many of the world’s premier sites for online gambling know that they have to provide their clients with a lot of offers because all of their competitors do that. Having access to so many perks is a plus, but it can be problematic for someone who doesn’t know how to use them. Needless to say, this often leads to missed opportunities, which is not good.

If you don’t want to miss out on something worth it, you must know more about the different types of promotions. There are many interesting alternatives, so let’s go through some of them.

  • Risk-free bets

Also known as free bets, those kinds of things are usually popular among bookmakers who want to allow their clients to wager for free. A key thing to remember about them is that not everything is risk-free, so always read the fine print before using these offers.

  • Matching bonuses

Some operators call them deposit offers, but they are slightly different than those things because they match peoples’ deposits. Usually, the matching bonuses give a 100% bonus to those who make a deposit, allowing them to have double the funds to play with. Yet, some of the leading operators in certain parts of the world may offer a 200% bonus or even more.

  • Free money

Unsurprisingly, those are the most sought-after perks among online gamblers because they can get free money to play with. Most brands call them no deposit bonuses, and they come with various conditions. For example, bookies and casinos often require gamblers to complete specific steps to get them.

  • VIP Perks

Although some bookmakers do not include VIP bonuses alongside their regular promotions, there is no arguing those things have an important role for many players. VIP programs allow regular gamblers to receive perks that no one else has.

Unlike all of the rewards mentioned above, the VIP perks vary and depend entirely on the specific gambling website. Some brands provide more bonuses with extra cash, but there are things like VIP customer support, one-of-a-kind tournaments, exclusive meetings, cars, and other things.

Understand the wagering requirement


Now that you have a basic idea about some of the potential bonuses that operators will give you access to, it’s time to move on to the second most important thing – wagering requirements. Gamblers hate these two words but must follow the rules to complete the specific requirements.

Also called rollover condition, this rule guarantees that players who get bonus funds won’t pull them out and use them on other things. Bookies and casinos use this thing because it ensures that the specific player will place bets after getting the bonus. Needless to say, most users lose their money before completing these rules, meaning the iGaming brands do not lose any money.

Completing the wagering requirements is usually complicated because of different restrictions. Starting from the eligible casino games or sports, some brands will require people to place specific types of bets or avoid certain options. There are also cases where users won’t be able to bet more than a specified amount or use a particular feature.

Some people may think it doesn’t matter whether they get an offer for sports or a promotion for the casino because they will have a wagering requirement. This is true, but casino bonuses tend to have a much higher number than the one for sports. On the flip side, you can potentially complete this condition much faster, so you have to decide which option to pick.

When not to use a bonus


Despite being very interesting, not all online bonuses are worth using. In fact, the majority of promotions you’ll come across are not worth it because they won’t give you any advantages. On the contrary, you may end up losing a lot more money in the long run.

There are many instances where you should avoid using a bonus for online betting, one of which is when the minimum deposit requirement is too high. The fact that you need to deposit money upfront is not that surprising, but many sites require users to provide a lot of funds to use something. So, don’t always trust gambling ads because some of them have a lot of red flags in them.

Regarding red flags, certain bonuses restrict many of the given operator’s offers. Starting from the features, there are cases where you won’t be able to bet on what you want. Furthermore, some offers are only reserved for mobile clients, whereas others are not accessible anywhere except the bookie/casino’s desktop site.

Final thoughts

To summarize everything about the bonuses in the online gambling industry, some prizes are good, whereas others aren’t. In the end, it usually comes down to the gambling site you’re using. Some platforms pay much more attention to details and want their clients to feel special when playing, but others don’t like that. So, always read as many details as possible before registering with a specific iGaming brand.

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