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How to truly experience Barbados 

From beautiful beaches and historic homes to golf courses and sporting events, Barbados has it all. It can be a perfect location for all active people looking for a lot of new stuff to try out, but also for those who simply wish to relax on the beach. Barbados is full of life, people, and beautiful nature. You can discover the fascinating life under the water or visit the stunning caves and gardens. There are a plethora of opportunities and you can not regret visiting this amazing place.

The beaches

We can’t talk about beaches in Barbados without mentioning the famous Bathsheba Beach. It’s situated on the west coast of Barbados and it’s a stunning place perfect for photographers and surfers. Waves are pretty common here so if you’re a lover of calm water and swimming, you might want to choose a different beach for that. However, it’s practically heaven on Earth for surfers and those that enjoy jet skiing and windsurfing. Numerous surfing competitions are often held here. There are also more than enough restaurants, restrooms, and parking spots.

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Another beautiful beach is the Dover beach which is located on the south coast. Here as well waves are a common sight so surfers love it. Paddleboarding and swimming, however, are less fun here. You can easily access it by car or a bus and there are a lot of parking spots. Numerous bars and restaurants make this place perfect for relaxed sunbathing with a cold beverage in your hand.

Nightlife, festivals, and parties

Barbados is not only for relaxing. It’s full of fun and exciting activities during the entire year. One of those is this music festival, Vujaday. This 5-day long Carribean music festival brings numerous amazing artists in one place making your stay in Barbados unforgettable. The dancing and music last forever on the palm-covered beaches, and you’re constantly surrounded by friendly faces. It’s a completely different and unique experience.

You can also get on one of the Party Boats that depart from Bridgetown’s Deep Water Harbour and sail along the coast. You can always decide to go for a swim, go snorkeling, or have a fantastic meal. It can be a fun family experience, or a romantic getaway.

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The music is energetic, fun, and optimistic allowing you to dance the entire night. “The Gap” is a long road off the main highway filled with bars, shops, and restaurants.

Museum and historical society

You can explore the Historic Bridgetown which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to Barbados Museum and Historical Society. The museum shows you the history of Barbados via amazing exhibits and artifacts. The collections also include a natural history display on the coral structure.


There are a lot of caves you can go visit and one of them is Harrison’s cave. It is located in the central uplands of Barbados and it offers great views of deep, blue, transparent water and the speleothems. There are tours that take you through the cave that can last anywhere between one and four hours.

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