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How to transfer your iPhone data without iTunes using DearMob

iTunes was all the hype when it initially came around, you could transfer all your files in one go, sync them across all your other Apple devices. But over the years came the DRM issues, the iCloud storage restriction and the time, oh dear lord the time. In the time it takes to normally backup your stuff while using an iPhone you can get so much work done that it’s not even funny.

But the problem always was the lack of options on hand to actually do a job of replacing iTunes, but currently there are a lot of options available in the market for us makes us wonder all the possibilities out there and we tried out something the other that we really liked and we thought we should bring it to you.

The software we’re reviewing out here today is called DearMob and it’s an iPhone Manager that is extremely powerful in its core functions. It allows you to backup and restores all your data in one click of a button alongside also being able to transfer and sync all your data across all your devices WITHOUT having to worry about iCloud storage or DRM issues. Read on to find out more about the features of DearMob. We have also found a way for you to get your hands on DearMob for completely free! More on that below.

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Features of DearMob iPhone Manager

Backup all your data with one simple action

DearMob allows you to backup iPhone without iTunes and that is the main selling point of DearMob iPhone Manager. This comes in real hand when you’re switching over to a new iPhone. Simply backup your current device’s data and restore it on the new one and you’ll have access to everything all over again. The backup files are password protected and can only be opened and edited/used if you have the password. Here’s everything that can be backed up using DearMob:

Contacts: Export contacts, merge duplicate ones.
Messages: Backup all your messages easily. You can also export these messages as a PDF
Calendar: Import all your appointments and remainder with ease.
Apple Books: You can also backup or transfer books using DearMob. Even if you haven’t purchased the books off iTunes. All this regardless of the format too. Be it EPUB, PDF or audiobooks.

Check out this video tutorial on how you can back up your data on iPhone:

Backup and transfer of media have never been this easy.


When it comes to videos DearMob circumvents DRM issues smooth as butter. You can also edit your library and delete any unwanted videos that are eating up space at once.


Using this manager you can also backup your entire library at once without having to go folder by folder. The photo transfer is also lightning fast allowing you to transfer 100 4K photos in under 8 seconds. You can also convert HEIC files into another usable format to use on other devices.

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With DearMob you can transfer music that you haven’t bought off iTunes onto your iPhone. The software also automatically goes ahead and grabs album art for you. With this you also get the ability to make your own ringtones by editing the tracks that you’re putting on your device.


Just like Android now iOS users can install software and apps that are not from the App Store by using DearMob!

We’re not forgetting our promise!

You can get a free licensed copy of the software if you visit this website and download the “Giveaway license.”

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