How to Spy on Messages on Someone Else’s Phone?

Texting on mobile phones these days is a common activity among users. Everyone would love to do communication via text messages, especially when they are busy or they don’t have enough credit to make phone calls. Therefore, text messaging is one of the frequent and widely used activities on digital devices no time ever before. So, people want to spy on messages on someone else’s phone such as parents want to know why kids and teens are always sticking with their mobile phones and moving their fingertips like a piano player.

On the other hand, employers want to monitor the company’s owned devices provided to the employees, especially when they are wasting working hours for a personal reason. Therefore, people want to know how to spy on messages on someone else’s device. If you want to do that then you must have a technological tool that empowers you to monitor messages on target devices. Let’s get to know how you will be able to track messages on anyone’s mobile device.

Choose best mobile spy software to track messages on the cellphone

When it comes to doing surveillance on someone’s handset to know about the sent or receive messages, then you must have TheOneSpy powerful and ultimate tracking software for mobile phone devices.

However, when you visit the web, then you search for the best tool for monitoring mobile device, but you will see there will be plenty of ones floating on the web and claiming the best of the best. Remember, in your mind, there are certain tools that mobile tracking software should have, then it will sort out your problem to the fullest. Therefore, you need to select software for cell phone tracking packed with live screen recording, text messages tracking, screenshots, keystrokes logging, and plenty of others alike for the recording of the live phone calls and social media messenger spying tools. However, when you have the tools for the surveillance on cell phone messages, then you need to install it on the targeted device.

Install mobile surveillance software on someone’s phone to track messages

Subscribe for phone spy software

The very first job you need to do is to subscribe to a surveillance app for mobile devices. Now you need to check your emails, and you will see credentials.

Get physical access on the target device

Now get access to the target device physically and get started with the installation process. When you complete the installation process, then you have to activate it on the target device.

Visit web portal using credentials

Use the passcode and ID, and you will have access to the target device, and once you have access, then visit the web portal to see the tools you were looking forward to. Let’s have a brief discussion on the particular tools that empowers you to monitor someone’s cell phone device. Let’s take a look at the following mentioned tools.

Monitor text messages on someone else’s phone


Live screen recording

The end-user can remotely get access to the target device screen instantly, and you will be able to see the screen of the target tablet device. Furthermore, you can record live activities of the screen using the live screen recorder app. It empowers you to make short back to back videos of the screen and then send the recorded data to the web portal. So, you can see a recording of the text messaging on the screen by visiting the web portal.

Text messages monitoring

You can read the text messages sent or received on the targeted device with text messages spying software. Furthermore, you would be able to track SMS, MMS, and head up notifications.


You can remotely capture screenshots of the text messages sent received on the target device by capturing screenshots.

Remote phone controller

The end users can even block the text messaging activities on the target device remotely using remote device controller software.


The cell phone tracking app is the only of its kind that empowers you to spy on text messages on someone else’s phone remotely and instantly.