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How to Save Money When Shopping for Home Security Cameras


Home surveillance cameras can tend to be very expensive. However, every homeowner can afford a security camera system if you practice proper planning. You don’t have to be rich to be capable of owning a surveillance camera system.

What you need to have are appropriate money-saving tips. According to 33rd Square, there are many different types nowadays, you can start the journey of owning a security camera system.

Here is how to save money when shopping for home security cameras;

Select A DIY Surveillance Camera System Instead of a Professionally Monitored One

As asserted by The Mark Down Market, a professionally monitored camera system is more expensive compared to a DIY one. Therefore, to save money when shopping for home security cameras; you should select a DIY surveillance camera system in preference to a professionally monitored one.

However, a professionally monitored camera system is more reliable compared to a DIY one. With a professionally monitored camera system, your home will be monitored by security experts 24/7. Should there be an emergency, the security experts will notify appropriate law enforcement officials. These officials will be able to mitigate some risks; such as loss of valuable property.

A DIY surveillance camera system can be limited in either one way or the other. With it, you will have to monitor it yourself. In the process of watching it, you may have several shortcomings. For instance; your internet connection may be unstable or, your phone may go off. These two situations may provide leeway for burglars to break into your home.

All in all, a DIY security camera system is better than having none. With it, you will be able to continually receive alerts on your phone in any possible instances of intrusion. These security alerts will enable you to take necessary measures to reduce potential risks.

Choose the Right Home Security Company

If you select a wrong home security company; there will be high chances of you purchasing a surveillance camera system with incredulously high prices. Dubious security companies offer no discounts on their products, and that is why their prices may tend to be high.

To select the right home security company, you should pay regard to some factors. Some of these factors include whether the company is licensed, the mode of installation and, the terms and conditions of their contracts.

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Also, as illustrated by The Budget Diet; you should look at the reviews and ratings of the company in question. If the company has a sizeable number of positive reviews and five-star ratings, then you will be in good hands.

Typically, a company with little positive reviews will take advantage of you. In some situations, you may end up being their first customer! This will make them want to make the most profits out of your hard earned money. They will attempt to do this by charging you a high price.

Look Out for Market Offers and Giveaways

Market offers and giveaways can save you plenty of cash. The good news is that many security companies provide for offers and giveaways as part of their marketing policies. Many home security companies have a specific offer discount rate of 5% to 20%.

Moreover, some companies may indulge in giveaway events after a particular period, for instance; after every month. You can also purchase home surveillance camera systems with coupons. For example; you can get an NVR recorder or any other security camera accessory with a gift coupon.

The first step towards knowing these offers and giveaways is to select the right security company. After you have chosen an appropriate security company, you can then look out for its offers and giveaways.

You can do this by following your security company’s social media pages, blogs and, websites. Most home security companies advertise their offers and giveaway activities through these channels. Apart from receiving information on offers and giveaways, you can also acquire useful home security hacks through these channels.

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You can also make a subscription to the security company’s newsletters. These subscriptions will notify you of any market offers and giveaways.

If you are very ambitious, you can negotiate with the security company for a good deal. For instance, you can offer to write them a product review. Or rather, you can circulate their social media pages to all your social media circles. This will eventually create a win-win scenario, where you get a discounted home security camera system and the company markets itself.


In essence, cheap does not imply low quality. If you use these tips, you can get a surveillance camera system cheaply. Keep it in mind that the best way to fortify your house is to purchase home security cameras and you can read more about the best surveillance cameras at As reported by the FBI, 80% of households which have home security cameras are less susceptible to burglary, robbery and, theft.

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