How to safely store your firearms in the house

It’s important to keep your firearms safely secured in your house so no one, not kids nor intruders, can get to them. If you own two or more pieces of weaponry, you should keep them separate in different places. As an owner, it’s up to you to keep anyone from getting hurt. Closets, drawers, or similar isn’t a safe location. As long as kids can see it and reach it, it is considered extremely dangerous. Safe storage, multiple precautions and safeguards, and proper education are necessary. There is a way to achieve this and we’re going to talk about some of the best ways to keep prevent someone from getting hurt unintentionally.
  • Safes are probably the best solution. They should be well hidden and only certain members of the family should have access to it. Make sure that the kids can’t open it.

The best kind of safe is the one that can’t be found. Of course, the prices will vary greatly depending on the technology that was used to make the safe. The prices are anywhere between 50 and 500 dollars. There are even those that feature the No-Eyes electronic keypad which allows you to enter the code even in the complete darkness. Another useful feature is a programmable fingerprint reader.
Also, the price is going to be bigger if the safe is bigger. Often people can underestimate how much space they need which results in buying the wrong type of safe. Gunsafeandmore recommends using a double locker system.
  • The muzzle should always be pointed in the safe direction. That means that an accidental discharge won’t hurt anyone.
  • Keep everything unloaded whenever it’s not being used. This is another way to prevent any injuries.
  • It may sound inconvenient, but your ammunition should be stored in a separate locker.
  • All of your family members need to be aware of all of the safety guideline. Knowledge is the best way to prevent injuries. In addition to understanding safety guidelines, selecting the right firearm is crucial; a guide on choosing between 30-30 and .308 Winchester can provide valuable insights for ensuring your choice meets both safety and functional needs. Also, consider using gun locking devices or even keeping it disassembled and storing the parts in separate locations. Cable style locks, similar to those in Project ChildSafe Safety Kit are good option. The lock will prevent any unauthorized access especially by young children. Even if you’re certain, you should still check if they’re still unloaded from time to time. You can take a look at the Project ChildSafe safety brochure from the kit that should tell you how you should properly install the gunlock on various models, and get some more tips on safe handling and storage.
  • You can have the kids sign the Project ChildSafe Children’s Pledge.
  • In addition to all of the previously listed safety measures, you could get a good case. The majority of the cases can be locked for safe transportation to and from shooting events. You can also consider putting a padlock through the soft case’s zipper pull or though the hard case’s handle that you use to carry it. If you don’t have a safe you can also use this technique for home storage.

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