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How to safely handle powerful magnets


When it comes to magnets, you can find them in many different shapes and sizes, and most importantly, different strengths. If you place two magnets close to each other, they will move towards each other with great speed and collide. Even small magnets do this. Now, imagine what might happen when strong magnets are taken into consideration. There are really powerful magnets out there, especially the ones made from neodymium. And the force with which they attract steel can cause serious injury if safety precautions are not carried out. It might sound a bit funny, but some real “Final Destination” stuff might happen if a powerful magnet attracts an object while you’re standing in-between them. That’s why safety is one of the most important things you need to learn when it comes to owning magnets capable of such force. Even people that work with magnets their entire life, say that it’s really easy to get caught off guard due to lack of concentration and get an unwanted injury. We value your safety a lot so we’re going to provide a few tips for safely handling magnets.

Safety goggles are a must

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Make sure to always wear safety goggles when doing any hardware related activity, not just working with magnets. Even in the worst case scenario, if you get injured it’s better to be on any other part than the head. Eyes are the most sensitive spot on the entire body. You will never see a person working at a magnets company without head protection.

Never let kids get in touch with magnets

Just like any other tools or hardware, the same rule applies to magnets. Never, ever let kids near them. And as dangerous large magnets can be, in this case, smaller ones can be even deadlier. If a child swallows a magnet, it can attract other magnets through the walls of the intestines. I wouldn’t go in detail about this. Just make sure that kids stay out of range.

Gloves and other types of hand protection

When working with magnets always make sure that you wear gloves or any other form of hand protection. If you choose gloves, make sure to go with the thickest pair that you can find. If your fingers get caught between magnets, especially powerful ones, they can get cut or cause blood blisters. Some even stronger magnets may also break your bones if you’re not careful enough.

Magnets and nearby electronic devices

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You should never store magnets close to your electronic devices. Always keep as much safe distance as possible between your magnets and all objects that can be affected or damaged by magnetism. Such devices would be mechanical watches, diskettes, videotapes, CRT monitors and many more. Remember that neodymium magnets are more than ten times stronger than normal magnets.

Separating magnets from one another

If you played with smaller magnets before, you probably already know that separating them from one another is much easier with sliding. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to split two magnets stuck to each other, don’t just try to pull them off vertically. Instead, slide them away. This method takes much less force.

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