How To Make A Clothing Statement On A First Date

Fashion is changing all the time, and what might be in trend one month will very soon be replaced by another thing and style. Saying this, it isn’t something easy to follow and as we know women are quite obsessed with it. Exactly because of this women usually look for clothing advice and spend numerous hours in front of their wardrobe figuring out what to dress. And this is absolutely fine – as long as it not a stressor or is unpleasant in some way.

As we know, the first date is pretty scary for a lot of people though there is no reason for it. They think the first impression will make it or break it and thus get all anxious instead of being relaxed and enjoying the time. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not, and your best chance is to simply be as comfortable and listening as you possibly can. And when it comes to the first date clothing is once again really important. A lot of women try to look their best but make certain mistakes in the process usually by thinking too much about it.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips on how to look the best on your first date!


What Not To Do When It Comes To First Date Clothing Style

  1. First and foremost is of course not to simply take something out of your wardrobe and wear it on a date. You want to look fresh and ready and those pants that you have been wearing for the whole week probably won’t do the deal.
  1. On the other hand, while you should look fresh and ready, you should still not stress too much about it, and be comfortable. The thing is as soon as you start coming up with numerous clothing combinations something is going to get wrong. Thus, stay simple.
  2. Along with that, there is no point if you are wearing something that you never tried out before. Long story short doesn’t try to be too ambitious with your clothing style when it comes to a first date. Dress something that you look nice in, and what you have been complimented on.
  3. Also, don’t let your clothing style make you unapproachable. Certain women looking for men tend to dress in jumpsuits or pullovers that will make them look like they are not open for anything outside of business talk.
  4. Last but not least don’t wear something that will make you feel uncomfortable. You want to enjoy the date and not stand up to fix your dress all night.

Tips On Clothing For The First Date

  1. So as mentioned above the point is to dress something you have been complimented on and something you are comfortable in. Wash and prepare your clothes the day before and simply put it on once the time comes. If you are comfortable, you will be able to enjoy the talk much better while still looking and feeling beautiful.
  2. Go with the colors that you like. Colors do have a certain role and wearing the ones portraying your personality is a good choice. For example, red is the sign of openness and sexiness, while the more elegant black will let your partner know you are one of the serious women looking for men and not someone to be joked with!
  3. Wear something that makes you feel positive, and what you enjoy. Don’t try out new clothing combinations that you wouldn’t really like just because you think that is how you should look. Everyone has their own style, and you should prove yourself through it!


Okay, fashion might not be that easy to follow but getting dressed and ready for a first date shouldn’t be a problem. Follow certain tips, stay relaxed, dress something you feel comfortable and nice in and rock the night!