How To Look Your Best For Video Chat

Having the perfect lighting and angle are vital for making you look your best. You should avoid putting the camera too low as this makes you appear larger than you actually are. The camera should be level with your face to achieve eye contact. Moreover, you should place the camera at eye level to avoid the inferiority dynamic.


Lighting is an important part of your video chat setup. The light source should be behind you rather than behind the subject. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to sit in front of a window and expose their face to the sun. A table lamp can help you achieve the right lighting for your video chat. Another key tip for video chat lighting is to keep the camera at eye level. This will help you avoid looking like a ghost in the video.

The most important aspect of your video call is the lighting. The lighting needs to be crisp and clear so that you can see clearly. Even the most beautiful video background on sites like can be rendered useless if there isn’t good lighting. Make sure that the light source is directly in front of you so that you can get the best possible picture. Make sure to test the lighting before you make the video call so you can get the best possible position.

Avoid bright lights, especially fluorescent lights, since they cast ugly shadows under the eyes. Instead, opt for natural light, and daylight. It’s better for your skin because it promotes a healthy glow. Artificial light can also make your face look old and promote dark shadows around the eyes. You may want to bring a flash or two to make sure that your face is lit up well.


The angle of your video camera is also important. A bad angle can distort your face and make you look ghostly or washed out. To correct the angle, lower the brightness of your monitor and use other sources of light. Another crucial aspect of digital calls is the camera angle. A low camera angle can give you a double chin look, while a high camera angle will give you a full forehead look. The camera angle should be at eye level or slightly above it. Try not to lean forward or feel down at your caller.

Lighting is essential for video calls, just like it is for a professional photoshoot. You can make free chat rooms for investors, potential clients, media contacts, and even potential employees. Overhead lights are not the best choice for lighting because they cast shadows and can make you look unflattering. Try to avoid overhead lights or fluorescent bulbs, as they can produce dark under-eye shadows. Use a primary light source behind the camera, and if necessary, use two sources – one on either side of it.

Clean background

Video conferencing programs usually allow you to change the background of your video chat. For example, if you need to meet your client in a tranquil lake, you could use a serene woodland scene as your background. It depends on the context of your meeting, but incorporating complementary subjects in your background can make it more appealing to your clients. To avoid visual distractions during random chat cams, use neutral colors. They are easy on the eyes and not distracting.

The background is an important factor for free chat video conferencing. While your computer screen can be very convenient for chatting with someone, it may distract your viewers by being too distracting. Nice background with clean lines will keep the viewer’s attention on you. The most important tip for video chat is to make yourself as presentable as possible when you are about to call random strangers. If you feel too drab, you won’t make your video chat experience much more pleasant.

A neat, professional background makes a great first impression on clients and potential clients. If you work from home, you should remember that your video conference background represents your professional environment. Keeping your background clean and clutter-free will send the message that you’re a professional and are ready to take the business. Invest in a new wall mural if you want to create a professional appearance on your video chat background. Once you’ve created a professional-looking scene, you can then customize the background to make it more personal.

Another option is to choose a wallpaper with a neutral background. While your background should not draw too much attention to itself, it should complement your space and be a conversation starter. A clean background for video chat will also help you and your colleagues conduct your meeting efficiently.

Set ground rules


If you want to avoid any misunderstandings or frustrations during your next video conference, setting ground rules is essential. By laying out some basic guidelines, video conferencing will become a smoother process. Here are some examples of ground rules that should be adhered to. The “person involved” category should include everyone who is participating. This can include family members, business associates, and colleagues. The “person participating” category can include anyone who is not directly involved in the video conference.

When setting up ground rules for your video conference, remember that everyone is not going to know how to comply. For example, muting microphones and avoiding speaker hopping can help you achieve a better result. It is also a good idea to explain the rules as early as possible so that everyone has plenty of time to process and take them to heart. This can be done through advance delivery of the agenda. It also provides participants with a chance to imagine what the rules will look like.

Make sure your workspace is tidy. If you’re chatting with another team member, it’s vital to ensure that everyone has a clean workspace. A cluttered office or workspace makes video conference participants appear unprofessional. Keep all workspace surfaces clean and orderly, and don’t let your phone ring or chime when you’re in the middle of a conversation. If you’re using video conference technology, check your settings before you start.

Lastly, ensure everyone knows their role in the organization. It’s important to know who is responsible for the call so that everyone can be prepared for the meeting. Also, it’s important to introduce the person who scheduled the meeting to explain the purpose of the call and establish ground rules. Once everyone is on board, the video conference can be a fruitful, productive time. It’s crucial to follow these ground rules, and your attendees will feel more professional and polished afterward.

Lastly, set ground rules before your next video conference. A video conference can be interrupted by a lot of different things, so it’s important to have a plan for dealing with these interruptions. To deal with an interruption, consider muting the mic or turning off the camera. You can then respond to the interruption by sending a message saying, “I’ll be right back.” Be sure to apologize to the other person and invite them to re-join the call.