How to get your brand’s social media activity right

With over 3.5 billion active users globally, social media is a potentially great avenue for brands to market their products and services. Interest in brands has never been higher, with up to 80% of users on some platforms following at least one brand. The shift towards the use of the internet for many aspects of regular operation has included the business front, and social media represents the marketing channel for brands.

Users have increasingly turned to social media to carry out certain aspects of making purchases. With internet sales at an all-time high, more users are looking to social media to find information about brands and to research product quality. A high number of users are going on social media to seek customer service as well, making it an ideal platform for brands to build on relationships with current clients and develop great brand awareness among potential customers.

Marketing on social media can be challenging for brands that generally do not have a large following. You need to maintain high interaction levels while maintaining professionalism in your relationship with your potential and existing clients. These are some of the basic rules of running a social media page for your brand.

Do diversify your content

Social media activity for brands is a dynamic and evolving process that involves user interaction and engagement, as well as regular posts. Having attracted users’ interest in your brand, you need to find a way to maintain your following. You can do this by sharing interactive, informative and entertaining content.

You may need to consider diversifying your content to keep it exciting for users. You should not be limited in your presentations, and may consider a variety of formats to help to appeal to users in different ways. You should also attach links and embed other brands’ content. Aside from keeping your content diverse, it will help develop brand partnerships, which can increase growth levels for your own.

Do interact with your followers

Your business could grow exponentially by interacting and engaging with your followers. More people are using the internet for customer support, and these customers are more likely to develop a loyal following for brands that offer solutions to their issues. You will stand to grow your brand and increase revenues, as well as develop products and services that suit customer needs by interacting with your followers.

Don’t ignore negative comments

You will not develop a great reputation by ignoring users who may have negative reviews or comments. These users are part of your following, and could be turned into loyal customers by offering appropriate and professional responses to their problems. Ignoring their comments could have a ripple effect, with users’ trust levels in your brand dropping. You should train your team to handle such posts, since this will prevent any careless response that might have harmful implications for your brand.

Don’t excessively market your brand

Your followers are highly likely interested in your brand. They could already be well informed about your products and services, especially when their interest in your brand was developed as a result of a social media marketing strategy. They will not be likely to make more purchases because of an increase in the number of brand advertisements and posts they view.

If anything, overly marketing your brand could push away potential clients. Your brand page will become repetitive and lack sufficient content to maintain user interest. You should strike a balance between interesting content and advertisements to prevent losing your followers.

Do delegate your tasks to a social media team

Having a social media page requires brands maintain high levels of activity, with regular posts and sustained interactions with users. More people are looking to the internet for customer support, research and other important factors that will contribute to their decision to make a purchase. Brands with an active and positive social media presence will be more likely to attract these new users.

You can maintain high trust levels in your brand and attract new followers by delegating your tasks to a social media team. They will be able to handle large traffic levels across multiple platforms, ensuring you maintain a great relationship with your potential clients.

Do consider paid options

Raising your profile through organic campaigns can work, but it will usually take a long time. You should consider taking advantage of some of the paid options available to help increase your brand’s visibility and improve your ability to meet the expected business goals. Paid options vary across social media platforms, and you may need to consider your desired goal and social media platform before choosing a suitable paid advertising strategy.

Some platforms will be extremely difficult to successfully market your brand on because of the challenges that may face relatively new pages. On Instagram, for instance, your follower base will only grow when users notice some interest in your brand. You can consider automatic likes and views to help raise your profile. Ask for auto likes instagram app – free trial to help get your activity on the platform rolling.

Do set up across multiple platforms

Your brand’s visibility will be maximized by setting up pages across different social media platforms. You will be able to reach more potential customers across different channels, which could drive up sales and revenues from each one. Having multiple platforms also allows brands to carry out coordinated efforts, which are more appealing to internet users and may attract a higher following.

While it can be beneficial to take advantage of different platforms, it can also be costly to offer substandard service on either one. You should make sure that you have the capacity to handle all interactions and engagements across different platforms. This way, you will not stand the risk of developing a bad reputation and losing out on potential l clients.

Do monitor your competitors’ social media activity

Your social media presence does not have to be about the competition. However, monitoring their activity will help your brand take advantage of any slip-ups and flaws in their quality and service provision levels, which could help raise your own brand’s profile. Keeping up with the competition also allows you to react to any new product releases, promotions and offers to maintain user loyalty.