How to Get My Streaming Content?


Cutting the cord may not seem to be an easy decision in the beginning since the user would have a lot of apprehensions. Few of those would include, what next after cutting the cord, how do I watch my favorite content on TV and many such doubts are raised in the minds of the cord cutters.

But there is a simple answer to all of these. You don’t need to worry since the advancement in the technology has bought forth varied options in front of the cord cutters. The TV antenna, streaming devices, online network sites, streaming services, and many such options are now readily available.

All we need to is to make the right decision in regards to which of these options would suit our entertainment needs. For those of you who plan to go in for the streaming content, below we present a few steps on how you can get your streaming content either on TV or any other device.

Get a streaming device:


The first step for viewing the streaming content is to get yourself a streaming device. This device would allow you to watch any of the streaming services on your TV. For those of you who already have a smart TV then they are all set.

In case of a smart TV, all you would need to do is download any of your favorite streaming app such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix any others. Once it is downloaded, then you are good to go ahead and watch your favorite content on TV.

However, for those of you who do have a smart TV, then you would need a streaming box. There is a lot of streaming boxes available in the market. Few of the options include, Amazon or Roku.

These are some of the cheaper alternatives if you do not plan to spend too much money on just the device. Apple TV is another option but again it would be pricier in terms of other devices.

Once you get the streaming box in place then you may need to install the required apps for starting your streaming services.

You would need to go through a procedure of creating an id wherein details such as user id, password and so on would need to be updated. However, this is a one-time process.

What to watch?

Once the streaming device is in place, the next big question is which streaming option would be suitable since there are a lot of big names available in the market. All of them promise to provide original and unique content.

You all must be aware about Hulu, Amazon, Netflix which are the leaders in the online streaming services. They also produce their own shows. Apart from these three, there are other streaming services as well.

You would need to go through their package and the channels that are available in their respective package.

It would be worth to go in for the free trial pack so that you are well aware of the content that is shown in those services along with the other features such as DVR recording, storage and so on. There are also certain premium channels such as Showtime and HBO.

You can also subscribe to them separately or at times they are part of a few of the streaming services. The online streaming services provide a combination of movies, TV shows, Live shows, games and so on. Based on your viewing habits, you would need to make the choice.

Live TV:


For those of you who prefer to have an alternative of the cable TV then there are certain Live TV’s available in the market which provide Live content to its viewers. However, you can get the content in less than $100 per month.

Services such as, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV, Youtube TV, Sling TV offer quite reasonable pricing along with good amount of channels for you to enjoy. But you would need to check whether these services include your local channels as well.

There are some who prefer to watch live sports whereas some do not. In case if you are happy not catching up with every game and just want to go in for the playoffs or primetime then a Live TV access would be more than enough.

It provides you access to some of the major broadcasting network such as ESPN and others. However, if you are a sports buff then probably things would start to get expensive.


There are also league specific online streaming services such as NFL Game Pass, MLB or NBA League Pass. These giants mostly carry each and every game however they need not be live.

When it comes to watching the streaming content, then there are multiple choices and a lot of picking to do. For those of you who have been used to watching cable TV then initially things may not seem easier since the streaming services do not have 100 plus channels for you to scroll through.

But surely, streaming is considered to be one of the convenient methods of watching sensible TV. It not only allows you to reduce the monthly bill amount but at the same time, it stops the habit of mindless scrolling through the channels. You pay only for those channels that you prefer to watch.

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