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How to get hair transplants in Turkey

Male pattern baldness is a condition that many men experience at some stage in their lives. While some men may start to go bald in their late 30s, others may begin balding very quickly at about the age of 20 or so.

There are few things that cause a man more despair than noticing how much of his hair he is losing. A person’s identity and self-esteem and sense of self-worth are to some extent based on what they look like it.

Although balding may be thought of by many as a natural part of a man growing older, it doesn’t mean a man should just ignore and accept it. Some men may embrace their situation and choose to simply shave all of their hair off.

For other men, though, they would rather do something to restore their mane and to try to look younger once more. It certainly can help if you are going for a job interview or you are in a career in which having a youthful appearance is helpful.  

Cosmetic procedures and hair transplants

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Whatever country you hail from, it is unlikely that the health insurance that you have will cover hair transplant surgery. If there is some coverage, it is likely to be minimal unless you are paying very high insurance premiums.

This is because, for the most part, hair implant procedures are classified as a cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary, which means you struggle to find a medical aid company that will agree to fund the procedure.

If they do pay, it may only be a portion, or it may be that the insurance company only agrees to cover one particular type of procedure that is not suited for you and your particular situation. This then means having to fight with the company to try to get them to cover a different procedure.

It is likely that the company will simply refuse to cover a procedure that is not specifically covered by their policy and rules.

It is because of this that men, particularly those living in places such as England, do not have any medical coverage of these procedures. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK does not recognize hair transplant surgery as medically important or necessary.

It is therefore not too surprising that many men who want the procedure done, can’t have it done because it is too expensive.

Getting hair transplants in Turkey

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There are many options available in countries such as Turkey. In fact, getting a hair transplant in Turkey is a good idea for many reasons.

Many procedures are performed every day, and so the surgeons and technicians have a great deal of experience helping men with a variety of hair loss problems.

The clinics often work closely with their customers to ensure the best possible procedure is done for the outcome the customer is hoping for.

In fact, Turkey has become so popular for hair transplant procedures that there is an annual influx of thousands of men each year. To find out more about getting a hair transplant in Turkey see the Vera Clinic.