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How to film soccer game


Soccer is one of the fastest-moving games, and it is also thrilling in every moment from the beginning to the end of the game. So, filming a soccer game entirely and perfectly is not as easy as you are thinking. Capturing everything in details including the football, players’ positioning, their jersey number, and the referee is key to film a well-analyzed soccer game.

There are a lot of websites online you can search from Google and can get huge information on how to film a soccer game properly. Techwhippet is such a website you can visit to gather more information about the topic. They have covered up everything in details from camera positioning and the tripod to the vantage position.

As expected, you need a few things in order to film soccer. There is nobody who likes shaky videos. These types of videos are irritating and not many people will be keen to watch it. For this purpose, you will be needed a camera first. You can use your phone’s camera as well to capture a soccer game, but it may not entice you.

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On the other hand, if you have sports camcorders, it is used to capture a good, high-quality video. So, we recommend shooting the entire play with sports camcorders which are perfect for capturing every single detail of the game.

Choose your camera first

Choosing a quality camera that has excellent camera resolution is a key to have better video experience. Also, you can go with your iPad or iPhone camera which will also do the work for you. Before going to capture a soccer game, it will be wise to practice capturing a practice match with your camera so that you can judge the video quality. If you see it will do, you are ready to record the whole game. Keep it in mind that you need to capture the entire game without leaving any moment. Every moment in a soccer game is equally important to analyze.

Select the best vantage position to capture

To record the entire field with referees, you should choose the mid position of the field so that you can see both sides equally. When you are doing this, you also have to keep in your mind one thing that you have to capture the signals of the referee as well as the jersey number of players. Also, do not only focus on the movement of the ball. Instead, watch the positioning of the players because that is equally important.

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It is also recommended that you make a record of the scoreboard after every goal. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t pause while the game lasts.

Shaky videos are worthless to watch and analyze

If you want to get rid of those shaky, irritating videos, you have to use a tripod. It is one of the must-have equipment to film a soccer game which will be good in quality. Moreover, if the tripod is tall enough, it will add extra advantage to filming your video. The high position allows you to film every angle perfectly. Shake-free, as well as clearer video footages, are only possible with a good tripod set at a proper height.

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It will be wiser if you can film the entire soccer game without zooming. It is almost impossible to capture a soccer game without zooming. This is something to be aware of when you are choosing your position on the stands.

Don’t pause before breaks

As a soccer game is very fast-moving, you should not pause your video before halftime. To capture all the moments and substitutions clearly, you shouldn’t pause it or stop your video. Otherwise, you will miss some important moment in this soccer game.


We hope and believe that you can film a good quality video of a soccer game. If you can follow all the steps shown above, we are confident that you will encounter no issues.

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