How to Effectively Stage a Commercial Space?

Staging a commercial space for leasing is quite beneficial. Aside from attracting more interest, it can increase the value of the property, and even bring in better tenants. In recent years, staging a commercial space has become quite the trend. Instead of showing a completely empty space, now real estate professionals are trying to pique the interest of prospective tenants. By showing what can be done with the office space, they are trying to lure potential clients. There are ways to effectively stage a commercial space that will certainly show off the potential of your property.

Benefits of staging

Before, the widely held belief was that a blank slate is preferable during shows. However, this turned out to have a shortcoming. Namely, clients often cannot picture their potential office space when presented with a blank slate. On the other hand, when you effectively stage a commercial space, you actually strive to create an ambiance that will invite possible tenants to imagine it for themselves. If they can visualize their potential office space, they will be more inclined to make an offer. Staging can lead to numerous bids, quickly signed leases and future revenue.

Blank spaces often prevent clients from imagining their potential

Effectively stage a commercial space in a few steps

When you’re looking to lease or sell a space, effective staging is the best thing you can do. And it is not too complicated. It’s quite similar to staging a home when you want to sell it. With only a few steps, you will increase the value of your space exponentially.

Don’t leave it for the very last minute

Whether you’re trying to effectively stage a commercial space on your own, or you have help, the most precious thing in the entire process is – time. This is not something that can be done in just a few days. The process itself should be carefully executed. Try to set up a realistic schedule. Also, divide the job that needs to be done in stages. That way, you will have enough time to think everything through and possibly even changes your mind on some aspects.

Think about the furniture pieces you need and decide how to obtain them. In case you need to move it across state lines, try to find a company within the states in question. For instance, if you need something shipped from Georgia, try finding cross country moving professionals in GA. It’s best if you remain focused on the task at hand and not go “too wide.” That is, when it comes to staging a space, try not to go further than the neighboring state. Otherwise, the costs of staging might increase significantly.

Less clutter, more possibilities

Some people think that showing common office supplies during staging will give the office a more realistic feel. After all, what is an office without stationary, for instance? However, such items on desks can have the opposite effect than what you’re striving for. It can actually put interested parties off.

Clutter can actually decrease productivity and efficiency, thus influencing profitability, research shows. That means that clutter can in fact have an adverse effect on potential buyers. Remove everything that is not strictly necessary when showing the space. Get rid of all the distractions and unnecessary objects. Try to show off the amount of storage that’s present, instead.

The same goes for any furniture pieces you decide you don’t need. If you don’t need them, get rid of them. You can try to sell them and earn some money. Or, of course, you can use storage units for a certain period. Go to and find a trustworthy and professional moving company in your neighborhood. You can search by state and by city, as well. Whatever furniture pieces you don’t need will be safe with a credible and verified moving company.

Remove the clutter, as it can be distracting

Go for a general feel

If you’re not set on renting the commercial space to a particular business, aim for a general feel to the place. That is, if you want people from a wide variety of business fields to find your commercial space appealing, you should strive for neutrality. Instead of painting the walls in bold colors, choose more neutral ones, ones that can appeal to more people. After all, once the clients have accepted your offer, they will be able to change the neutral parts that they do not want in their office. And, who knows, maybe they’ll even like it and decide to keep it!

Also, there is a chance that this will be a shared space. Recent trends have shown that coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, many entrepreneurs and startups use shared office space for economic benefit. This means that it might be better to effectively stage a commercial space with a more general feel. This will attract a more diverse crowd.

Or make it business-specific

On the other hand, if you’re set on leasing your property to professionals from a certain field, then the best way to effectively stage a commercial space is to have it reflect that field in some ways. That means including accessories that will clearly relate to that field. It can be something simple, like a few magazines dealing with the field in the waiting room. Or, some bookcases filled with specific books important for the field in question. You want space to somehow reflect that business, which will, in turn, present your client with the opportunity to envision it more clearly for the future.

Even magazines in the lobby can help you stage a commercial space

In order to do that, you will have to do some research on that particular line of business. Try to highlight any perks that space may have precisely for that area. If needed, demonstrate the flexibility of the space.

An additional tip to effectively stage a commercial space

One thing that most people forget when trying to stage a commercial space is to deal with the lobby. But special attention should be paid to this part of your office space! Why? Because this is the first thing your potential clients will see. And first impressions are vital! You can do this in various ways. Put some plants for a nice warm touch that spruces up the place. Put comfortable, but modern furniture. Or, put some zero-gravity office chairs. Improve the experience of both your clients and their own future clients.

Of course, just like the lobby is your first impression when showing them space, it will also become the first impression of your clients. So make sure that it is a good one, for your benefit and for theirs!


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