How to Deal With Quarantine Life According to the Psychologists?

Being self-quarantined can affect our mood and metal health. If you are wondering how to protect your sanity during these times, take a look at below to see what the psychologists advise.

Many people have started to feel anxious or depressed during the self-isolation. It seems that quarantine is even harder for those who are used to spending time outside with friends, or those who do not work from home. Changing your lifestyle and habits so quickly and drastically can affect your mood throughout the day. However, the psychologists agree that there are certain methods which you can apply in order to improve your mood.

First, if you are feeling sad or confused, remember that it is completely normal to feel that way. In fact, the majority of people will experience boredom, sadness or even mood swings. What can we do in order to make it a bit easier on ourselves?

The psychologists advise that one of the solutions could be creating a to-do list for each day. It doesn’t have to be a long and hard-to-achieve list. You can basically take one step and the time and put just a few easy chores on it. It will help you focus on those things instead of overthinking and worrying. Besides that, once you are done with that, and once you have completed your tasks for the day – you will feel good about yourself. Also, relaxation after this will come as a reward so you will actually enjoy it.

Another thing which might be helpful is physical activity. Not only does it positively affect our mood, but it also makes us release the energy. After a good work out session, or tidying the house, you will feel tired and ready to relax.

Making yourself busy and doing kind things for your loved ones will also make you feel better. For example, you can cook for your family or video-call your friends. This will also make you feel like you are not alone in this whole situation.

The key thing, according to the psychologists, is to create your relaxation time in such a way that it functions as a reward for what you have achieved throughout the whole day. Therefore, once you have completed the tasks you have chosen for the day, you can do what you like the most – watch movies, read, have a long bath, etc. In this way, you will appreciate relaxation more, and more importantly, you will not get bored by ‘doing nothing’.

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