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How to Curl Your Hair

There is almost a special bond between summer and curls, don’t you agree? If you don’t have naturally curly hair, there are a number of different techniques and tools you can try. It all depends on the tools you use (a curling iron, flat iron or hair rollers), the type of your hair and of course, your skill. If you are new in all of this, keep reading the following text because we are going to give you some advice on how to make different types of curls.

These are some tools you can use on your own at home. However, if you are not skilled and there is some important event coming up, you should do the safe thing and turn to professionals. Visit and schedule your appointment at their Curly Hair Salon.

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Firstly, we are going to start with a curling iron. As you know, there are different sizes of this tool and you should choose one according to your hair type and the size of curls you want. If you have a short haircut and want smaller, tight ones, pick the one with a smaller barrel. On the other hand, if you want to get casual waves, opt for the one with the bigger barrel. You can also choose between irons that have spring clamp (it will hold your hair in place). One of the most important things is to make sure that your hair is completely dry and you must apply a protective spray in order to protect it from heat-exposure damage. Instead of clamping the ends and rolling the iron toward the roots, you should place it in the middle of the section before rolling it up. Then you should slowly release it and wrap the rest of the hair around it. Continue to slide and roll it until you have reached the end of that section. This way the heat will be distributed evenly. In the end, you should gently press the clamp and release the curl.

We are moving on to the flat iron. Even though this tool was originally designed for hair straightening, it is now commonly used to curl it.  Give it a few minutes to heat up, and divide your hair into sections. When it comes to this tool, there are many different techniques you can use. You can turn it half or full turn to get tight curls, or if you want flat waves, clamp it down on your hair and turn it halfway up, then do the same but turn it halfway down. The main difference is that for curls you should clamp it at the top and slowly pull it downwards, while for waves, you have to clamp each bit of that section.

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Lastly, hair rollers may be the best choice for you if are not in a hurry and don’t want to further damage your hair. There are many types of rollers available such as hot, Velcro and foam ones. Make sure to check if the rollers should be put on dry or wet hair (hot ones are always used on dry, while Velcro ones are applied to wet hair). Separate the hair in sections, depending on the size of the rollers. Starting at the bottom, wrap your hair around this tool and roll it up. If you are using hot rollers, they should be removed once they have cooled completely, Velcro and foam ones should be heated with a hairdryer, and wet ones should be left on until it dries completely which may take a few hours or a whole night.

These are some main tools that are used to curl one’s hair, but clearly, there are others such as curl wand and different kinds of brushes. Search them online, read the reviews and decide which one is the best for you.

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