How To Create Impressive PowerPoint Presentations


Contrary to popular belief, PowerPoint is a program that is far from the clutches of the digital graveyard. Regardless of the device, you’re using to create the presentation, PowerPoint is a type of presentation-making program that has the best chance of you getting your point across.

But it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to create an impressive PowerPoint presentation, and this article will focus solely on that.

Below are out X tips on how to create impressive PowerPoint presentations.

1. Use a Consistent Theme


Themes are a large part of what makes PowerPoint great. It’s safe to say that the theme should be your first priority because choosing a consistent theme can work closely with all of your images and text into creating a masterpiece of a presentation. There are literally dozens of PowerPoint themes on the internet, and all for free. From minimalistic designs to even some specific ones for your niche, you should invest a lot of time into choosing the right theme for your presentation. You can even go as far as to create your very own PowerPoint theme with your company logo and any other marketing materials.

2. Use Images to Get Your Point Across

The best way to make a boring slide more interesting is through the use of images and graphics. According to PSlides, images and graphics get your message across easier than text. The whole point of a PowerPoint presentation is to support you, and not the other way around. So one way you distract your audience away from your speech is by adding text to your presentation.

The human brain is said to process images almost 60,000 times faster than text. So by this logic, we can safely assume that adding a large picture to your slide instead of a text box will get your point across quickly.

3. One Slide, One Story

We use the word “story” very metaphorically because we’re trying to explain the golden rule of PowerPoint. Each slide in PowerPoint should focus on a singular thing. The best presentations are those that describe a singular thing in one slide. So naturally, if you have 10 points to describe through your PowerPoint presentation, then you would need 10 slides for each point. The best presentations are those that tell a story in a single slide.

4. Don’t Overly Use Graphics

Yeah, you might be a pro in creating graphics, but don’t try to impress people with your Photoshop skills by making the text in flames. PowerPoint presentations should be simply made, so try to avoid the usage of complex transitions, complex text fonts, and over-the-top graphics, and instead focus on simple transitions, clean and large fonts, and attractive graphics.

5. If It Doesn’t Work, Then Dump It


We mentioned that slides are there to support your speech, so one you should always ask whether the slide can make your speech better, or worst. If the answer is the former, keep the slide and if the answer is the latter, then dump it.

Nobody wants to see the overuse of slides, and no one will miss the slides that you just deleted from your presentation.

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