How to Choose the Best Tutor for Your Child?

If your child is not faring well in school, then it is highly recommended that you get him a tutor. For this, you will need to take your time to find the right person. But how to choose the right tutor or tuition? Selecting the best tutor for your child can be quite challenging as you have to take many things into consideration if you want the tuition to be effective. Fortunately, you can choose the best person by following some simple guidelines.

Following are some things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best tutor for a child:


Tutor’s educational background is the first thing you should check. A person who is already academically inclined himself will be highly proficient at imparting his knowledge to the student. He will also be able to explain the syllabus and concepts in detail to the student. Because of that, you should choose a reliable service like that has only qualified tutors with teaching experience.

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine whether a tutor possesses the characteristic aspects and the qualifications that you are looking for. It is recommended that you ask for qualification papers and references so that you can determine his qualifications.


Apart from qualifications, you can determine the quality of the tutor by the number of years of teaching experience he has. Since every student progresses at their own pace, choosing an experienced teacher is very important as he has the ability to attend to the certain needs of each student and he will be able to know the best way to help your child. An experienced tutor will also be able to pinpoint your child’s weakness and provide useful exam tips to help him to improve.



It is important to look for a committed, and dedicated tutor who has the passion for teaching and genuinely wants to help his students improve. Irresponsible tutors usually quite within a few months of undertaking the tuition assignment which leaves the student in the lurch. This can have an adverse impact on the studies of the student as he may have already become accustomed to that teacher’s method of work. Tutors who have no dedication would just be wasting your money and time.


A positive referral is the most compelling motivator to choosing a tutor. If you can find that a person has great feedback from others, particularly from your own social group, then you have found who you were looking for. If you know someone who is using the services of a tutor, ask them if you can sit in on the lesson and watch it. The teacher may be uncomfortable with this, so it is recommended that you check with him first.

Final Word

In conclusion, finding the best tutor for your child is challenging for most parents. That’s why there are many tuition agencies offering reliable tutoring services for parents who are looking for qualified, experienced teachers for their child. Most Economics tuition in Bishan, Singapore specialize in providing the most suitable person based on your specific requirements. Thanks to such agencies, finding the best tutor for your child is very easy.