How To Care For Dry Hair

Everyone has bad hair days, you wake up and your hair just isn’t behaving. How do some people just get straight out of bed and have salon-quality hair? Well, it’s because they find the root of the problem. So many hair types, so many issues – but there is a solution for all of them.

If you suffer from dry hair, then you’ll definitely be battling frizz and breakage, according to All Things Hair. If you’ve woken up with tangled hair, and if you’ve faced frizzy hair even after that epic blow dry, then you’ll relate to this common problem. Having dry hair means it’s lacking moisture, so you need to keep it well fed! All hair requires some TLC, and you’ll be able to get your hair back to luscious and glossy with just a bit of work – trust us, it won’t be too tedious!

Steer Clear Of Chemicals

Chemical-filled products can fry your hair and make it even more dry. Chemicals can cause havoc to your hair and your scalp, giving you dry and broken hair. Always check the ingredients before your purchase – opt for sulfate-free products that soothe and hydrate your hair. Instead of using a chemically-charged shampoo, opt for cleansing conditioners that contains natural oils and nourishes your hair – it’s like food for hair!

Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

If you suffer from dry hair, your hair is already lacking in natural oils and moisture. Over-washing your hair will strip your hair of its remaining few oils and leave it even more dry. You will be dehydrating your hair by over-washing it! Try getting yourself into a routine and washing your hair every 2-3 days to let your hair breathe and let it make the most of your natural oils!

Use Leave-In Products

Leave-in products are hassle-free and nourishing for your hair. Use leave-in conditioner to boost moisture in your hair and feed it. Opt for leave-in conditioning spray if you have thin hair to not make your hair bulky and greasy. Your hair will soon be luscious and glossy – just how we love it!

Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will help you nourish your body and this will have positive effects on your hair. Make sure your diet is vitamin-filled to help strengthen your hair and make it healthier. Certain vitamins even impact directly your hair and nails, such as Vitamin B5, C or A. Top up on sweet potatoes, grains, meat, fish and citrus fruits to help your hair grow thicker and hydrated.

Limit Your Use of Heat Styled Tools

We love blow-drying our hair, just as we love creating Hollywood waves with a curling wand, but these tools are damaging for our hair – and even more so for dry hair. Applying heat to dry hair is just encouraging breakage. Limit blow drys to only when they are necessary and let your hair air dry more. Blow drying your hair can make any moisture in your hair disappear. If you just have to heat style your hair, remember to use that all important heat protectant spray that will help limit the damage!

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

It has been noted in several studies that leaving your hair wet for too long can cause just as much damage as blow drying it. The key here is balance, towel dry your hair when it is wet to make sure it is damp but not dripping. If you happen to sleep with wet hair, make sure you sleep on a silky pillowcase to avoid breakage. Cotton pillowcases tend to catch your hair and make it knotty – when you get round to brushing your hair, you may notice knotted hair in your hair brush. Silk pillowcases will be your savior!

Goodbye Hot Showers

Hot showers or baths are therapeutic and perfect for some me time. But what if we told you they were actually damaging for your hair? Hot water can damage your hair and make it more prone to breakage. It weakens its structure. Instead, wash your hair with cool water and then rinse with cold water to refresh your scalp. Plus, cold showers have their benefits – you feel more energized, and they also make your hair grow back faster. We’re a lot less reluctant about the idea now!

Go For Regular Trims

Regular trims at the salon will give your hair the refresh it needs, and it helps give it a new lease of life. Taking care of your hair means getting rid of damage – what use is damaged hair to you anyway? Keeping your hair healthy and well-maintained will help it improve its condition – say goodbye to bad hair days!

Give It A Break From Color Treatments

We love experimenting with color – whether it’s a bold neon shade or an elegant chocolate tone, we love expressing our style through our hair. But sometimes, your hair has just had enough. Dying your hair is very harsh on it, and constantly touching up your color is even worse for it. How can you get round this? No unnecessary touch ups, let your hair breathe. And when it’s absolutely necessary, get your hair done in a salon for high-quality products. Semi-permanent dyes will be less damaging to the hair. Permanent dyes are obviously more aggressive and will permanently damage your hair if you don’t take care of it.

Use Natural Oils

Lacking in natural oils in your hair? Get your hands on some of your own – natural oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and olive oil can be applied to your hair on a regular basis to enhance its condition and nourish it. Coconut oil and almond oil in particular are a treat to use as they smell so delicious! Use these ingredients to make your own home-made masks, not only are they fun and quick to make, but they also smell luxurious. Avocado is also a natural alternative to a pricey hair mask, it hydrates the hair and also strengthens it. You will have silky smooth locks when you rinse it off!

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