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How to Buy Real Active Instagram Followers?

Real active Instagram followers are an asset for any influencer or brand. You can generate awareness about your products and convert some of the followers into customers. It’s possible to build your follower base organically, but that takes a lot of time and effort.

You will be able to find many services around the web that sell Instagram followers. But more than often it’s a waste of money as all you end up getting is a bunch of bots and fake accounts. So if you really want to grow your network, make sure you pay for real Instagram followers.

Today we will tell you how to buy legitimate Instagram followers and the warning signs to look out for dubious services!

What to Look For: Fake Vs. Real Active Instagram Followers

Services that promise to get you a huge number of followers in a short time are probably selling you spam accounts and bots. You will only be getting a number without any real value. Your account still stays inactive without any engagement and you never get featured on the explore page!

What happens when you buy fake followers?

  •    Your posts generate insignificant likes and comments
  •    Bots post inappropriate comments and spread spam
  •    Your posts create no value for you
  •    You can’t develop insights based on fake audience

If you are spending money, you want to make sure that you get active followers in return. People who are interested in your content and post likes and comments. They will drive up your engagement rate- something that brands look for when they hire an influencer.

Why Should You Buy Only Active Instagram Followers

You won’t land up in any problem if you buy genuine Instagram followers. But buying fake and low-quality accounts puts you in several risks-

1. Everybody Wants to Steer Clear of Fake Followers

Fake followers have no value to brands or influencers who want to promote themselves or their products on Instagram. Also, people will easily spot the fake followers just by taking a look at your follower-to-engagement rate.

Here’s an example of engagement rates based on the number of followers-

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You can see that even with a million followers, accounts are not able to generate 2% engagement rate. Surely no one will be looking for such an account which only means loss of money!

2. Instagram Dislikes Accounts with Fake Followers

Your follower-to-engagement rate is again the secret that lets you feature in the discover tab and pop-up in your follower’s timeline. But if your posts have a low engagement rate in spite of having thousands of followers, Instagram algorithms are not going to choose you!

The top posts are those which generate high engagement on a consistent basis.

The Easy Way to Get Instagram Followers

The trick is to look for services that help you buy real and active Instagram followers. These are accounts controlled by real people and is a legit way to grow your network. The results are same as you would expect from an organic strategy- use of interaction and reciprocity to get genuine followers who are eager for your posts.

It’s no use having thousands of bot followers with an engagement rate of 0.1%. Instead, a dedicated group of even 500 followers with an engagement rate of 4% is much preferable.

Description- The easy way to get Instagram Followers. Alt- Safe ways to get Instagram followers

Now let’s explore the considerations to choose a legit follower buying service.

How to Buy Real Instagram Followers Safely

You should make sure that the website is selling you active IG followers, and not a bunch of bots! Keep your eyes open and ask questions to make sure you choose the right service.

1. You Get Targeted Followers

Most of the services sell you random followers who have nothing to do with your niche. The websites only ask for your account details and password which are the early signs to spot a scam!

An honest seller will first try to understand your needs by enquiring about your target audience, commonly used hashtags and finding out more about your competitors. Then they will use the information to zero-in on the followers who match your preferences.

Only a list of engaged followers will provide the results you are looking for!

2. Your Engagement Shoots Up

When you buy active Instagram followers, your engagement rate is supposed to go up. But if your posts don’t generate any interaction even with thousands of followers, chances are you have landed up in an illegitimate scheme.

Your posts should start getting likes and comments as the followers start pouring in. If there is no activity, then most probably all you have got is fake accounts and bots.

3. Quality Comes at a Price

You can’t expect quality at a throwaway price. Sometimes you will find services offering 1000 Instagram followers for as low as $1. Of course, you may be tempted to give in, but it is quite unlikely that you will be able to grow your account with such followers.

Instagram also removes fake accounts from time to time so you might end up losing half of the followers on your list.

Getting quality followers also need a lot of effort and persistence from the seller’s end. Certainly, they are going to charge for the whole process and you won’t get your followers for $0.01!

Learn to distinguish between cheap and affordable to ensure you get a quality service.

Description- Cheap prices mostly translate to poor quality. Alt- Quality vs. price quote

4. A Transparent Process

You should always ask the seller how they plan to get the followers onboard. A genuine company shouldn’t be hesitant to give you insight into their process as you have a right to know it. But that doesn’t mean you have to get details of every step, just find out how things work.

If a seller doesn’t want to disclose their strategy, then you can be sure they are using illegitimate ways to buy followers or only supplying you with bots and fake accounts.

5. Strategy for Growth

The problem with most services is that they only enable you to buy active followers, and nothing more! But your goal is not just limited to getting followers- you need to engage and grow your account to reap the real benefits.

Look for a service that also helps you with suggestions and consultations to monetize your following. This can be done through hashtag suggestions, discovering a new target audience, posting guidelines to make most of your content and so on.

Where to Buy Real Active Instagram Followers

By now you know how to choose a legitimate service to grow your Instagram followers. You can check out InstaNobel which uses the engagement strategy to win followers who are truly interested in your content.

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The service takes into account different factors such as hashtags, location and demographics to target the right kind of followers who contribute towards your engagement. You use the organic way to build up your followers without relying on fake accounts or bots.

If you want to buy interactive Instagram followers, InstaNobel is the ultimate choice!


It’s possible to buy real active followers on Instagram if you know where to go! Choose a reliable and transparent seller so that you get real people to follow you and drive up your engagement rate. Also, be sure to run through the checklist we have provided so that you don’t land up in any scam.

While you can buy real active instagram followers, you need to ensure that they are real. It’s what will help you build up on your brand name, and get more followers, something you will love in the longer run.

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