How to Avoid Moving Day Complications

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country or in a building across the street – it is moving! It is one of the stressful life situations. Not to mention that it takes a lot of time and energy to pack. But relocating to a new home does not have to disturb your life. If you follow a few simple rules, you can even make it fun! Sure, you need to avoid some complications that can happen while moving…

Relocation Is An Extensive Business

Living in an apartment or a house? The eternal controversy of people around the world. No matter which space you prefer in one you will agree – houses are the queen of comfort! Not only can you fully adapt them to the wishes of every family member, but they also provide privacy, and with them comes the yard. Therefore, you can enjoy the warm sunshine during the spring and summer, without worrying if someone will disturb your peace. However, when the relocation comes, you’ll realize that it is not as simple as it seems.

Why is moving a house more complicated than moving an apartment?

Given their size, it is not surprising that relocating home is a more demanding job. In addition to the rooms, they often have a garage, basement and attic. You also need to set aside time for them. Because these are storage rooms, experts advise that you remove all unnecessary items before you start moving and packaging. Not only will this free up your new living space, but you will also save significantly on the cost of moving your home.

Which transport to choose?

There are two types of transport. Although van transportation is more convenient, it is recommended to use a truck because of the volume. Trucking also allows you to do all the work at once. It provides extra security as there is enough space in it to load each item properly. Therefore, the risk of damage is minimized. Still, there are situations where a van is a better option. First of all, when it is impossible to pass with the truck in all streets of the city, because of traffic restrictions, but also inaccessible access to the house. Then the transport is done in several parts.

Set aside a day to move

Moving company and workers play a major role here. The success of the whole business depends on their knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to avoid harm. To prevent unnecessary expenses, which will further burden your budget, set aside a day off for relocating your home. Be sure to supervise the loading of furniture by a professional team.

Even when the transport has passed without any inconvenience after unloading – make sure that all the boxes and large items on the list have been moved. After that, you can start unpacking and renovating your new home. If you have small children, arrange their room first so that they have their corner. This will make it easier for the little ones to adapt to an unfamiliar environment.

Many years of experience of companies like EasyPeasyRemovals guarantees that moving will be done quickly and efficiently. However, you may often encounter unforeseen circumstances during your move. What can happen and how to react – read below. You can check out EasyPeasyRemovals to read further on the complications that can occur on a moving day.


Weather is the most common enemy of any well-organized house relocating. Why? Because it’s unpredictable. OK – not entirely unpredictable, but it can always surprise you. Fortunately, for residents of some cities like Melbourne – the weather is not extreme. You won’t face snowfall, but that doesn’t mean rain can’t surprise you. Therefore, keep up with the weather forecast. If you can, keep yourself informed for a little longer period – so you don’t leave anything to chance.

If a day or two before moving you realize that it will be raining – try to delay the whole action for at least a day. If this is not possible – embark on an adventure of moving in bad weather. If possible – put your belongings in the garage so that they do not get dirty or at least try to get the moving truck as close as possible to the house. Of course, a light and slow ride during such house-moving is a matter of responsibility.

A poorly selected moving company

It can always happen that you are out of luck – choosing a bad moving company. There are moments like this in other situations in life, so moving is no exception. Some companies may be late for services or may not provide adequate transportation by prior arrangement. Some will charge you hidden fees or hourly rates. Therefore, you have to be careful. Before you move, you must do thorough research on moving companies. However, keep in mind that reviews do not always give a realistic picture of the quality of a company. It may be best to rely on the personal impression or recommendation of a friend you trust.

Loss of things

A big crowd creates a lot of stress, and then you may just lose some of your stuff. Most often they are documents, jewellery or money. Yes – it’s a nightmare for anyone who moves. To avoid such unpleasant and stressful situations, these things should always be with you. Take them in your bag and make sure they “travel” with you. This will make sure that things like your passport, ID, jewellery or money are in your – that is, safe hands.

The furniture cannot pass through some rooms in the house

Very frustrating but also a common problem. You might have thought that the closet would fit you in a new bedroom. And it will – but what if he can’t get through the narrow hallway? Certainly what you have to focus on in this situation is some alternative passage. Maybe you can go through the garage or go through the back door where there is no hallway? In any case, try to find the right solution together with the employees of the moving company.

Choose the time wisely

If you live in a major city, then traffic jams, collapses and congestion are part of your daily routine. The situation is further complicated by works or various manifestations that make large and dynamic cities abundant. Keep in mind that a traffic collapse can ruin your plans.

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