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How Much Will the Most Expensive Tesla Y Cost?

Tesla presented its new product in Los Angeles, California. The newest product of the famous company is the fourth model, electric crossover, Tesla Y. The production version of this car will appear on the market in 2020, but its price is already known. The official information appeared on the company`s website.

As we said, the price is already known, it is going to be around $74.000. Naturally, as we know, this car falls into small crossover/SUV vehicles, we can say that the price is not small at all. Plus, we know the original price is going to be around $55.000.

It will consist of five seats, and it will have the speed of 0-60km/h for three and a half seconds. The standard model called “the Standard Range”, and it will have a starting price of $39.000. However, we are going to wait for this one until 2021.

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Moreover, the buyers in the United States will have the opportunity of acquiring their “Long Range” version of Tesla Y.  Model Y has more space inside than model three. Also, it will have the option of a three-seat vehicle, that will available in 2021 in all markets in the world.

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