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How Much Biotin Should I Take for Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss or scalp problems, then probably you have heard about taking biotin to help your hair grow back. But then, on the other hand, you feel quite unconvinced that this supplement can actually help you out. Because of the many products in the market that don’t work, you just feel that you cannot trust biotin. Well, the truth is, biotin is safe to be taken if you want your hair to grow, and it works too. The question right now is, how much biotin should you take to ensure your hair grows nicely?

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Before that, let’s just have a look first at what biotin is. If you are familiar with vitamins, then you probably know that they actually are derived into many names. As for biotin, it is actually part of the vitamin B family. Specifically, biotin is actually vitamin B7. You may question if it is safe to be consumed. Actually, our body also produces biotin, specifically in the intestines. What benefits us is that it helps in cell growth and blood sugar maintenance. On the other hand, a lack of biotin will cause hair loss, which is why biotin supplements are very important.

To answer the question of how much biotin should one take, it actually varies. Actually, there is no side effect to taking biotin. So there is no need to worry about taking too much. Taking extra would mean no harm but on the other hand, you would not want to take more than what is needed right? It will cost you money. In pharmacies, usually, the pills are sold to up to 5000 mcg. They do come in 1000 mcg tablets too. There are people that actually take 5000 mcg a day just to get their hair growing. That is a lot and that should actually the maximum amount that one should take. If it does not cure your hair loss problem, then it is advisable that you seek help from a professional, says

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It is recommended that you start by taking the 1000 mcg pill first. Monitor your hair growth for a month. If things don’t seem to be better, then only you increase your dosage to 2000 mcg and so on. If it actually works, then you should just continue with whatever dosage that you are taking. There’s no need to take too much as it will not speed up the growth of your hair. Once you start seeing changes, just stick to your current dosage; that is the best.

Well, now you know how much you should take it! Please do not waste your money and take too much thinking that it is going to speed up your hair growth process, you are just going to waste. It is a biological process that takes time and forcing it is not going to help at all. If you do have certain health issues, it is best that you consult a professional or a doctor first before consuming any form of biotin.

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