How Long A Disposable Vape Last, And How To Maintain It?

Usually, a disposable vape pen with 500 puffs lasts for about 3-5 days. However, this does not mean that a pen cannot last any longer than the said duration.

The puff count mentioned on the package does not clearly show how long a disposable vape pen should ideally last.

Instead, the life expectancy of your vape pens is affected by several reasons. Some of them are the number of puffs taken, battery, quality of the vape, where you store the device, how frequently you use it, and other factors that can damage the product.

So, in this article, we will put forward the different ways to make a disposable vape last longer and maintain it effectively.

How to make disposable vape pens last longer?

Some mindful steps exist that you can take care of to ensure your disposable last longer. The following are some of them.

  • Get disposables with an efficient battery

A disposable vape with a high-capacity, efficient battery can last longer than one with not-so-good battery life.

The low-capacity devices that need to be charged often do not last long. Frequent charging increases the temperature of the vapes, resulting in the vaporization of the e-liquid at a faster rate.

Thus, batteries with a high mAh limit do not require frequent charging for operation, typically lasting longer.

For instance, the big battery capacity from Escobar vape products not only helps you extend the device’s longevity but also renders you an unhindered vaping experience.

  • Take small drags

You can make a disposable vape last longer by decreasing the puff size and taking a single hit.

Taking smaller puffs every time will reduce the amount of e-liquid that gets vaporized, promoting a longer life for the device.

  • Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping is another primary reason for disposable vapes not lasting longer.

When one chain vapes, they take one hit after another without any break. It results in over-usage of the device, continuously vaporizing the e-juice and reducing its quantity in the cartridge.

Also, chain vaping causes extreme heat generation in the device, damaging its components and decreasing its lifetime. So, to make your disposables last longer, you should stay away from chain smoking.

  • Minimize the regular usage of disposable vape pens

It is a very basic and common practice to increase the lifespan of your disposable vape.

The more frequently you use the pen, the faster the vape juice of the device gets vaporized and exhausts.

Also, the battery life gets reduced when you vape longer. If it’s a non-rechargeable device, you are more likely to run out of charge in the least time without making the most of the vape.

So, to ensure your vapes last longer and do not get emptied after a few days, you should keep a check on your vaping frequency. Either minimize the number of times you use the device or decrease the time of one session.

  • Avoid complete draining of the battery

If your disposable vapes have rechargeable batteries, you should refrain from completely draining the battery to recharge it again. It will make your device charge for a longer time, heating the battery and increasing the body temperature of the vape.

These phenomena can further damage the coil inside the vaping device, reducing its overall efficacy and performance.

Sometimes, if the damage is too much, your disposable vape can malfunction and become non-functional eventually.

How to maintain a disposable vape pen?

Maintaining a disposable vape is not rocket science. Instead, it is about taking care of some mindful things to maximize the usage of the device for a long time.

Many steps and precautions are available to ensure that the vape does not get emptied and stops working within a few days of purchase. The following are some measures to maintain disposable vapes to increase their durability and functionality.

  • Vape at room temperature

One should always keep in mind the room temperature while puffing disposables. Vaping in an area where the temperature is considerably hot will vaporize the e-juice more quickly, exhausting it in no time.

So, to avoid this, try to vape in a place where the room temperature is moderate and pleasant.

  • Store the disposable in a cool and dry place

You should always store your disposable in a cool space, so the vape liquid does not get overheated and vapourize quickly.

Also, keep it in a dry place to ensure that the vape pen doesn’t come into direct contact with any external fluid. Liquids can damage the body of these electronic devices, especially the embedded battery and chips. Thus, it can decrease the duration for which a disposable vape can last.

  • Keep them upright

You should store your vape in an upright position to avoid any leaks or other physical damage. These damages may include impairment to the vape body or its internal part, such as the coil, atomizer, etc.

Thus, keeping them in a vertical position will not only ensure that the device lasts longer but also avoid any unnecessary external damage due to falling off.

  • Turn off the pen when not in use

Always take proper care of your disposable vape if you want to make them last longer. So, one of the most crucial maintenance solutions is to turn off the device once you are done vaping.

It will avoid unnecessary wastage of the e-juice or battery life that could otherwise happen if the vape pen is tuned on even when not in use.

  • Do not overcharge the battery

You should not overcharge the battery of your disposable vape if you intend to make it last longer.

When you overcharge the device, it results in increasing the body temperature of the vape. It quickens vaporizing of the e-liquid, deteriorating the device’s condition and making it unsuitable for further use.

Final words

Disposable vapes need a little-to-negligent amount of care and awareness to increase their longevity. So, ensure that the devices are taken proper care of and not placed somewhere with a considerably high temperature.

Also, be cautious about storing them in a place where they come in no contact with any liquid, as it can drastically impact the life and quality of the disposable vape.