Negotiating Medical Liens: How Healthcare Lawyer Can Help

As a personal injury victim, whether you receive healthcare treatment from a hospital or a private healthcare professional, you owe a given amount in bills to the medical facility or the healthcare professional. The healthcare provider has a right to place a lien on your injury settlement to ensure that they receive payments after your compensation is disbursed.

For starters, a lien is a notice of financial interest or a claim that a creditor (in this case a health provider or insurance carrier) can assert against your personal injury case. In other words, a lien allows your creditors to put a claim to be paid out of case settlement proceeds. If your insurance carrier or health provider has been covering your medical bills, they may be entitled to reimbursements once your personal injury case is settled.

So, once your case is settled, you may be required to pay your health care providers any outstanding balances or insurance company the subrogated amount. This implies that you will receive less of the settlement amount. In certain circumstances, the lien could even limit the cost of ongoing treatment or put some restrictions on the services that you may receive from a healthcare facility.

Without removing the lien, you may not get the necessary care to resolve your current medical issue. This is where a healthcare lawyer comes in. A lawyer may help you remove it or negotiate the subrogated amount down. This may help you receive the necessary care that you need without any limitation or walk away with a bigger portion of the settlement proceeds.


As hinted, it is possible to get the lien holder (your healthcare provider or insurance company) to accept less the amount that they contributed towards your treatment. This can be done if you work with an attorney to push for you the lien claim to be reduced by the medical providers or insurance company that hold a lien against you. The good news is that you don’t need to pay attorney fees because it can also be deducted from the fund. Under the “fund doctrine”, lawyers who create funds for the benefit of their clients are entitled to reimbursement from the funds in terms of attorney fees.

In certain circumstances, worker’s compensation providers understand that the medical lien may be so huge that it makes less economic sense to litigate. For instance, if the lien is more than the amount that you are likely to receive from the lawsuit, you may choose not to sue. In such a case, you may need an attorney to negotiate with the carrier to resolve the lien for a lesser amount than the face value of the claim.

Besides, trying to interpret the billing codes, legal forms or the contract language on your own is not easy and can be costly. And don’t assume that you are safe simply because you haven’t received any claim from your insurance company or Medicare. In some cases, government medical liens may even show up in 6 years. Yes, state laws allow some forms of medical liens to remain valid for years after your settlement. Learn more here on

A healthcare lawyer has the experience of negotiating a wide range of medical liens, including

Medicaid, Medicare or VA. He or she knows what to say and the right people to contact to get you the results that you need. Attorneys also know most of the medical liens in your state and how to protect your rights effectively. They will, therefore, fight hard to get you a full or fair percentage of the settlement amount.

Your healthcare lawyer also has fiduciary obligations to assist you in negotiating or removing a medical lien if it could lead to negative consequences to your health or well-being. You are entitled to receive the necessary care and actions performed by your attorney, including the accounting of property, financial issues, and other complications. In other words, if you sign a contract for attorney services, negotiating or removing a medical lien may be a provision of the paperwork.


Firstly, you should make a call to the lienholder for dealing with negotiating the consistent agreement as well. “Consistent” proves that you or lienholder can handle the lien for a little amount.

When you write to the Notice, please make a phone call to the insurance company for further information. Next, making the best use of the number in the corner of notice for determining your circumstance.

Besides, you should grab the list of each medial fares comprised the lien. Let’s go through the list to search for

– Credits: Search for credit that you have to pay. In other words, the deductibles you pay could distribute the expense of every service fare.

– Related stuff: The medical receipts comprised in lien could be involved in some hurting claim. Unrelated fares such as daily care and flu sickness could not be supported in the lien component.

– Duplicates: You need to guarantee that you have to pay for a single time for every medical service. You could check the date for every service or kind of service as well.

As usual, the medicine lien lists could take the most advantage of billing codes for referring the medical services. Thus, you could check the various billing codes online for obtaining an initiative of service.

On top of it, you should not mark up the initial list. Next, create an authentic copy for other purposes to examine or note the cautious line for some false entries. Do not take highlighters since highlights could not show for photocopy pages at all.

Last but not least, maintain the marked copy independently. Next, let’s return it to the lienholder along with the cover letter for clarifying the amount which could be extracted because of false entries.

Keep in mind that commit to the insurance plant lien. You do not have anything to lose or stuff to develop as well. While the insurance plant is certified for each agreement of your injury regulation, they could compromise when you pay for the lien can lead to some unexpected hardship.

There are time-checked controversies for compromise below

– The therapy expenses can be derived from the settlement funds at all.

– You should require further therapy that might not be included in your insurance strategy.

– You are permanently handicapped from the injuries or request the settlement funds for the long-term treatment.

– You require the settlement buck for paying the invoices when looking for the perfect job, particularly when one of them was quitting the occupation.

– An amount of the settlement is reimbursed for your hurt or injuries.

Apart from it, you can tend to negotiate the consistency very well. At the same time, you are ignored along with the untreated low amount of compensation for any types of injuries or aches. In other words, you could request the settlement to limit the hardship.

Note: When the lien amount is tiny than your settlement, for instance, the $5000 medicine lien for $15,000 settlement, users can use some proofs for hardship to deal with this lien subtraction as well.

Governmental Medicine Lien

When the medicare and veterans bureau pay for your therapy expenses involved in the accident, they can get a suitable lien for their settlement procedures. Next, when you do not have the notice at all, please do not waste some settlement cost anymore. Because the medicare can be extended until six years later for assuming you are alien.

When you can not pay, we highly recommend that you could receive the penalties or interest until two times of the older great amount of lien.

On top of it, users could make the entire great deal of money via the bank acc. Then, keep waiting for six years or prepare for the next step to deal with a decreased tradeoff for the lien.


If a medical lien is filed against your personal injury case, working with a healthcare attorney is the best step you can take. Even better is the fact that most attorneys don’t even charge you for the initial consultation. So, you won’t incur any cost when trying to find what a good healthcare lawyer can do for you.