How Health Coaches Are Disrupting The Industry

For decades, people have struggled to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and we can’t blame them. We’re constantly surrounded by a marketing industry that wants to make us think that we’re buying healthy products, all while leading us to buy a burger with a large soda on the side.

Add the burdens of the day-to-day routine and how difficult it is for some to find time to go to the gym, and you have a recipe for disaster. Luckily for us, health coaches have come to disrupt the industry once and for all.

But what exactly is a health coach? You’ve heard of the life coaches, gurus, and professionals that have a “magical guide” to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks and if you’ve ever fallen victim to these dishonest fad diets, you’ve learned the hard way that altering and improving your health doesn’t work that way. Even if you drop a couple of pounds here and there, the “quick fix” approach isn’t sustainable in the long term.

Health Coaches Are Here To Stay

That’s where health coaches come in. A health coach takes an in-depth personalized look into everything happening in your life – from your workplace habits to how what you eat affects your quality of living – to make sure that it’s all in service to your ultimate health goals. They can dig deeper into the root cause behind some of the issues one might usually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to manage with pills or costly surgical procedures, and offer a more intimate level of support that often yields more lasting results.

Health coaches are also out there establishing larger-scale wellness programs for employees and bringing the idea of round-the-clock optimized wellness into the mainstream. They’re trained professionals that will make sure that everyone – from the mailroom to the board room – gets the appropriate tools and guidance (at work AND at home) to adopt a healthier lifestyle and live a longer and happier life.

How To Become A Successful Health Coach



According to a report by the Huffington Post, 51% of all employers with at least 50 employees hired health coaches to establish workplace wellness programs in 2013 alone, and that number is just trending up.

Needless to say, it’s not surprising to see many professionals inquiring how to start a wellness coaching business, especially given the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and how much it motivated people to get and stay in shape.

That’s where people like Kristin Thomas enter the picture. Thomas is the CEO & Founder of the Health and Wellness Business School, a company focused on helping health and wellness practitioners to significantly increase their income and scale their business and impact in the world.

“Solving today’s disease epidemic is a huge feat and health coaches across the industry need to band together to do so. That’s why we’re on a mission to help tens of thousands of health coaches to reach millions of clients worldwide so that together, we can make a huge impact on today’s growing disease epidemic,” says Thomas.

Her company offers in-depth business, marketing, and sales programs that span 6 to 12 months and support certified health and wellness coaches throughout every step of their journey. Their signature ‘Six Figure Formula’ and ‘Six Figure Accelerator’ programs train health and wellness professionals in everything it takes to run a successful business in this industry. Having grown a six-figure health coaching business herself, and serving as a marketing and business expert for over 12 years, Kristin developed these programs from the ground-up to meet the unique challenges of growing a business in this space, as it’s unlike any other industry.

Scaling Your Business



Many professionals fail to scale their businesses because they lack the proper training in the non-health-related part of the industry, such as marketing and all the little things that come with being a business owner.

Just like the clients of a health coach need to be trained and guided along the way to make sure they develop sustainable and customized habits to rebuild their health, health and wellness professionals need the same guidance on the business side of things.

Thomas’ Six-Figure Formula and Accelerator Programs have become the golden standard in the health coaching industry. They provide health professionals with the fundamental marketing and sales training they need to thrive. Also, those programs show up in service to the community, doing their part in helping the health coach industry continue to grow while helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Her program is creating a collective of certified business-savvy professionals and is allowing the health coaching industry to finally reach the people who need them the most with the care poised to turn the world’s healthcare model on its head.

“The world is too sick for you not to activate your voice and reach clients in a big way – they’re just waiting for your next message so they can see that you are the help they need,” adds Kristin Thomas.

Truth Always Prevails In The End


Truth be told, people are sick and tired of magic formulas, quick-fix pills, fad diets, and empty promises. Yet, despite their frustrations, they struggle to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle with the proper approach. Altering your habits, committing to those changes, and investing the long-term effort needed to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle is incredibly difficult.

On that note, health and wellness professionals have come as saviors for thousands of people that, with just a couple of tweaks to their day-to-day routine, can finally feel the positive impact of a healthier lifestyle.

So, if you’re a health coach wondering how to start an online health and wellness coaching business, you don’t need to look any further. Prepare yourself, continue to grind, and reach out to your clients to help them understand why they need your services. We’ll all thank you for it.