How do you coat a hardwood floor?

If there is a hardwood floor, then you need to maintain the same. You can have some coats over the same to safeguard the same. You need to coat the ground step by step so that it will remain safe from various damages. If you give the strong finish the surface will remain safe and sound. You need to apply a clear coat so that you can preserve the natural touch of the wood. This is available in oil and water options and the natural colour of the wood is preserved. Here we have shared a few tips that you can help you to coat and safeguard the floor.

Make the floor clean with the mop

You need to mop the floor with a mixture that has water and vinegar. You can also mop with the help of approved wood cleaner. Then you can clean with a cloth mop or a  dust mop. You can let the ground dry completely before you go ahead. You need to make use of good and clean cloth to mop it. It needs to make  up of soft cotton cloth that will make the woo look good.

Sand that well

You need to sand the floor well with the Gulvkanonen. You should not make use of a sanding block and there may be some uneven spots there. You need to sand the rest of the room using a low speed buffing machine. You need to also apply a maroon buffing pad and you need to keep machine in working conditions. You need to also follow the directions of the wood grains till you cover the whole floor. You need to wait for at least 25 minutes before you take the next step. You need to see if it is ready for the next step or not and then go with the second step.

Vacuum clean the wood floor

You need to vacuum the whole floor with an electronic cleaner and remove the dust. You need to follow the directions of the grains and you also must cover the space between each of the board. If there is still any dust you need to do the soaking part. Once the place is free from all the dust you can go ahead with the remaining of the process.

Make use of a respirator

You can also make use of paint and that can help. This will help you maintain the finish. You need to apply the clear coat in a very thick later so that there will be ample of coverage.

Apply clear coat layer

Then you need to apply a thick layer of the clear coat to the rest part of the floor and you need to make use of a paint roller extension pole. Firstly, you need to move in the direction of the wood grain, and you need to then overlap the starks and you can cover the whole of the wood floor in the same way. Once this is done you also need to apply a second coat. This must be done after three hours of applying a first coat. You need to allow that to try and that will take at least one week. You will be able to walk on the floors twenty four hours after the coat is applied but you need to be very careful. If the manufacturer says to wait more than you need to wait more. You need to see the label for that. This is the way you will be able to coat and protect your floor.