How Ciders are Made and How to Properly Serve Them?

It is interesting to see how people manage to create alcohol from everything around us. Surely, it is made from much more than a simple fruit or vegetable. In different cultures around the world, people have been able to create some high-quality alcohol drinks from the most unimaginable things.

For example, we can see that people in Asia managed to create a drink out of milk, which is truly exceptional. It all depends on the tradition of a certain culture and the conditions that culture has been developed. Surely, there are more of these drinks than we can count.

One of the most popular drinks in the world is certainly ciders. They are famous for their pleasant and full taste. We are talking about a drink made from apples. If you are looking for a place where you can buy some of the best ciders out there, be sure to take a look at birre online.

What needs to be said is that this drink is slightly different from other ones. Also, we can see that a lot of homemade ciders are now made. Before you can do that, it is important to know about how they are made and how you should serve them. Let’s take a look at these processes.

How are Ciders Made?

Now, let us provide you with a guide through the whole process.

Gathering the Fruit

Before you can start making ciders, you will need to prepare the apples. You can either buy them, or you can pick them if you have your orchards. It goes without saying that you should clean all the debris and leaves off them. Before you are ready to start the process itself, they should be stored properly. Not only that way you will prevent them from deteriorating, but they also need to mature before the pulping.


The next thing you should do is grinding the fruit. The apples are put in a mill and ground to a pulp. At some point, they will become similar to applesauce. Exactly that moment is when you can move on. Not only that this process is essential for the further creation of the drink itself, but it also adds protection from oxidation. Some of the mass can be used immediately, and the rest should be put in a freezer.


After you finish grinding, then you should press all of the fruit. That way, you will extract the juice from the pulp. You will see that this is the part when it gets tricky. The reason is that you will need to apply a certain technique depending on the taste you would like to get in the final result. It means that you will need to use a different number of apple pulp in one, big tank. The optimal number is between three and six different pulps.

Cooling and Filling

The next thing you should do is to expel the cider from the pomace and pour it into a cooling tank. During that process, all of the pulp will be removed and you have only a clean juice in front of you. Now you got the juice, but the process is not over yet. You should store it in a cold place, which will help you to avoid the accumulation of microorganisms that could damage it.


The last part of the process is the conversion from juice to cider. To do that, you must ferment it. We are talking about a process crucial for the creation of every alcoholic drink. Fermentation is a process that converts sugar into alcohol. Of course, the apple juice you have contains yeast, and you can add another one if you would like to produce a certain sort of taste to it. After you perform this, the process is complete, and you can pour it into bottles.

How Should You Serve Them?

Many people are not aware that ciders need to serve especially. That way, the experience of consuming this drink will be enhanced. Sure, you will see that some people have the way they want to consume it. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the best way for you to do it. Now we would like to elaborate on it a little bit.

Heat it Up

It needs to be said that you shouldn’t drink the cider immediately after you remove it from the fridge. Instead, you should heat it a little bit. For example, you can use your microwave. That way, you will enhance its flavor. Many people believe that it is best when served cold. But, you should try this approach.


To improve your cider’s flavor, you should add a small amount of cinnamon to it. Not only that the flavor will be enhanced, but it will also have a pleasant smell that will complete your experience.

Orange Zest

The next thing we would like you to consider is adding some orange zest into it. Anyone who’s tried it with cider is now a fan of this approach.

Add Tea

In case you require a caffeine boost, then you should pour the cider over a teabag. Probably the best choice is to use chai tea. Let your cider soak all the elements from the bag. That process would last for around 5 minutes.

Maple Syrup

One of the most favorite ingredients many people like to add to their cider is maple syrup. No person doesn’t like it, and you should try mixing it up to create your new favorite drink.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, cider is one of the most popular drinks in this day and age. The process of creating it can be a little bit tricky sometimes. Therefore, you need to be aware of all the elements before you can create a drink that will satisfy all your needs. After you do that, you should consider adding some extra flavors that can make it even better. Here, we’ve provided you with both of these important factors. We are sure that you will find all of them useful.

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