How Brain Training Affects Physical and Cognitive Health

What is the difference between physical and cognitive health?

Physical Health is simply a condition wherein you are not a victim of any injury or illness. It is very crucial to be physically fit. If you are not physically active, you become dependent on others which is not acceptable in today’s world. Physical health takes into account areas such as dental health, healthy weight, sleep, and personal hygiene. You will realize the importance of physical fitness when you fall ill. Nobody prefers to visit the doctor 24×7. Thus, take good care of your health. Factors such as sleeping hours, diet, exercise, yoga, affect your physical health to another level. Choose your lifestyle wisely!

Having a healthy brain that is able to do all of the mental activities, which are known as cognition; taking into consideration the skills to grab new things, identify judgment and intuition, language, etc. implies that you possess good cognitive health.

Taking care of your health, being physically active, eating good food, keeping your mind alert are all things that can be done to keep yourself cognitively healthy. And, this does not even require being with the doctor 24×7.

What are the ways in which you can train your brain?

Before learning the ways for brain training, you must be aware of what actually brain training is? Well, if you do not feed yourself with proper food and vitamins you start to feel weak, and your work efficiency declines, right? The same is the case with your brain. It is high time that you realize this.

The performance of the brain is brilliant when you are between 16 to 25 years of age. After this, the brain performance starts reducing. Therefore, it is very important that you follow certain brain training techniques for the betterment of your brain functionality.

Below mentioned are few of the techniques which you should practice in your day-to-day life which will help you improve your brain health. You can also get to know this from your doctor 24×7.

It is a very smart move; a perfect combination of entertainment and health benefits. Playing chess moulds the structure of your brain in a very healthy manner. The physical benefits that you get from playing chess are commendable! Both the left and right side of the brain starts functioning properly, the growth rate of dendrites improves which is a very positive sign. Playing chess helps your brain to fight from Alzheimer’s and dementia. To learn more on the secret health benefits of chess click here.

This is quite obvious. Cut down on the food items that you think are harmful to your brain and your body as a whole. A heavy breakfast followed by meals full of vitamins and nutrients is a must. Avoid all those habits which affect your brain functioning in a negative manner. Sleeping less, skipping your meals, watching too much of television is some of them.

  • Use of Mobile Applications

Recently, many mobile applications have been launched which target the weak parts of your brain. Rather than spending time listening to songs and watching movies, it is advised to play such games which train the brain. These applications make your memory stronger, improve your decision-making skills and makes you goal oriented.


What are the effects of training your brain on your physical as well as cognitive health?

Your physical health is linked to your cognitive health, in the same manner as physical exercise connects to cognitive exercise. For example, if you work out on a regular basis, the oxygen flow in your brain and body enhances, thus improving your cognitive health in multiple ways.

Similarly, the effects of brain training on physical as well as cognitive health cannot be separated.

  • Sharper Memory

Whatever you see or hear, brain training makes sure that you remember that very well. F your brain is trained in the right direction both your visual and auditory memory gets improved a lot.

As and when you grow, your brain health starts declining. But if you make sure that your brain is getting the required training, this health decline may not happen at a fast pace, and you start thinking more quickly.

  • Enhancement in Efficiency

Brain training targets this area of your brain. You are able to finish most of the work in the least time possible. Thus, your efficiency to do any kind of work is enhanced tremendously!

  • A more challenging attitude

If you know that your brain is quite active and you are able to cope up with the intelligence required, you start to gain confidence in yourself. Eventually, you are ready to accept more challenges in life and need up being successful in each one of them. Also, your creativity skills improve! You start to feel excited about new things coming up in your life. Innovation moves you!


Training your brain has many other impacts on your cognitive and physical health. You may find it a waste of time initially, but if you are continuous in this process, you will start feeling a change in your lifestyle. You will start to feel more light and happy. Having a healthy brain is exactly similar to having a healthy body. Many people go to the gym to lose weight or to build muscles. You will rarely find anyone who will speak to you about brain training. This is because people think that the human brain does not require any care. It will keep on functioning on its own. This is completely a wrong approach and should not be followed at all. Your brain is as important as your physical appearance or even more and thus requires extra attention and care.

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