2024 Home Security Trends

Your home should be a comfortable and safe space. This is an element that’s evident considering the ever-evolving solutions. We’ve come a long way, from when you could only use a regular deadbolt. In those times, keyless locks using features such as fingerprint scanners or pin code seemed futuristic. Today, more innovative solutions continue to shape the home security landscape.

Unlike with regular deadbolts, today, you no longer have to make and share extra keys, be anxious at work wondering if you locked the door, or worry that someone knows where you hide the key, like beneath the doormat. The home security arena has evolved, and we’ve not seen the end of it as new trends keep emerging. Let’s look at some of the home security trends to watch out for in 2024.

More automation

Smart security solutions have hit the market by storm. Nonetheless, the automation features are only getting better. More capabilities and functionality are making their way in the smart security solution, giving you more control. You can achieve a lot as you have what you need in the palm of your hands. You can customize the security to your liking, following your home’s needs. The customization’s target is to offer you more control and convenience. For instance, you can customize the system to offer temporary access to certain individuals, such as technicians like locksmiths for repairs or upgrades, babysitters, etc. With such features, you’ll do more with fewer concerns considerations that continue to propel automation’s popularity among homeowners.

Automation isn’t only about the system, though; it also touches the hardware. Modern hardware can be placed anywhere in your home. Moreover, they offer innovative functionality. For instance, smart speakers can do a lot more, ranging from;

  • Playing music
  • Doubling as alarms’ siren
  • Helping you add items to your grocery shopping list

You’ll find a range of smart solutions such as speakers embedded in pieces of art or lamps, among others, making the hardware more functional. This is especially considering the aesthetic appeal and space as users incorporate smart home security solutions.

The bottom line with universal home security automation is more control. Internet of things (IoT) has significantly impacted the arena. Panels and keypads are gradually being replaced by smart equipment. Today, you can manage a lot, from lighting heating to security with IoT sensors. You can expect to enjoy more control with the security system becoming more streamlined, especially as varying providers collaborate to offer more features that link to various environments.

Video monitoring

Video surveillance isn’t exactly a new trend, but it is getting better with the introduction of remote monitoring. Remote video surveillance linked to your mobile devices means that you can monitor your home wherever you go. The best part is that the tech is expected to offer more capabilities. For instance, you can customize the system to respond to certain emergencies. With a touch of a button, you’ll quickly respond to a potential problem. You won’t have to make a phone call which can take a minute, enough for the potential problem to develop into a significant issue. With smart video monitoring, emergencies can be spotted and prevented, keeping your home safer.


Drones are making waves in the residential security arena and are only expected to grow in 2024. Security drones offer a lot that can make your property safer. It is easier to monitor the property’s perimeter. This means that you can spot concerns such as intruders. Moreover, you can respond to alarm triggers better as you can check before making that call. The best part is that the drones capture the footage and upload it to the cloud for storage. This means that you can access the required footage and no longer have to worry about criminals destroying your surveillance equipment. Protection from the sky as drones become popular in residential security, combined with remote surveillance, are trends to expect in 2024, especially with improved AI.

Autonomous solutions

CCTV tech has and remains among the critical aspects of home security. A growing trend to expect in 2024 is intelligent CCTV solutions. This limits the human interactions needed to keep your home safer. With deep learning hitting new levels, intelligent CCTV solutions can handle a lot, such as panning, zooming, and sending alerts. This means that the home security solution can make decisions without human assistance, increasing automation levels. Autonomous home security is possible with deep learning, and intelligent CCTV tech is at the heart of it all, especially as it offers 24/7 monitoring.

Improved facial recognition

Unlocking your door with your fingerprint is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, facial recognition technology is taking over in home security. The trend won’t be limited to unlocking doors. With facial recognition tech and AI, the security system can learn and identify the faces of people who regularly visit your premises. This means that you’ll get alert as they approach your home, giving you more control as you can let them in without heading over to the front door. You can also get alerts if suspicious faces are around your home for added security, mitigating possible risks such as intrusions. In 2024 and beyond, you may no longer have to lift a finger to access your home, an innovative trend that’ll revolutionize home security.

Fewer false alarms

Central monitoring stations aren’t foolproof, among the primary challenges being alarms activations. False alarms are a lot more common than you might expect. They are a nuisance, a problem that’ll be lessened through AI. More alarm systems are now relying on AI. With its incorporation, AI can lower false alerts, making it easier for monitoring systems to prioritize and respond to true alarms effectively.

Is your go-to locksmith service tech-savvy? You may not have fully embraced smart home security solutions. Nonetheless, as you pick a locksmith, ensuring that they are well-versed with the emerging trends is crucial. The pros can help you gradually transition and enjoy the improved home security solutions matching your situation.