History of Custom Packaging in the USA

Nowadays everyone is talking about custom packaging boxes. Whether it’s USA, UK or Canada custom printed boxes are in great demand. Before starting our main topic let’s discuss blank or pre-made packaging items.

About 30 to 40 years ago people were using pre-made packaging for their product. Still, many people use blank boxes but intelligent business owners are now shifted towards the custom-made products.

However, this is the trend small businesses follow as well. Some people still have many misconceptions regarding custom packaging so we will discuss them in the next section.

The item that can be customized into any shape, style, and size according to your need is called custom packaging. If these are boxes then they are called custom product boxes. Here the word “custom” means that you can buy your packaging in any style and that option is not available in pre-made packaging.

Still, we see much business that are using pre-made boxes because business owners think that custom packaging is expensive. We will clear all the misconceptions about the custom boxes in wholesale.

Offset and digital printing are also done on these boxes to make them attractive and colorful. After the printing, the next step is the addition of shine or matte lamination in your boxes. There are many companies that are offering these services from the last 20 to 30 years and this trend is also rising. So, there are many new competitors in the market to offer the services of custom packaging and printing. One of these companies is that offers custom packaging boxes solutions with offset printing in the USA.

Some Benefits of Using Custom Packaging Boxes

Its 2019 and we have to change our selves with the upcoming trends. Now the trend of custom printed boxes is rising on a daily basis. From customized and foldable gift boxes you can see a variety of designs and styles.

There are some benefits of custom boxes compared to the regular ones and they are listed below:

  • Using custom boxes is the best way to build brand awareness of your company and product
  • They are economical in price but slightly expensive as compared to black boxes
  • They are more appealing to your customers as compared to your blank ones. So, they can also increase the sales of your company
  • Many small and medium business use them as a digital marketing tactic. Custom boxes with logo are far much better than blank ones as they build the repute of your company
  • They are available on wholesale rates if you have large order quantities

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