Signs you have hired a good Construction Company

Finding a reliable construction company you can cooperate with and be sure they will finish the project on time and the way you expected can be a very challenging task. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to find a good construction company. If you are doubting about the company you hired, you should check the things we prepared in this article and see whether your company meets the requirements listed below. If you are still looking for a good construction company, we have good news for you. As we know how hard and challenging it can be to find the reliable and credible one, we finish the work for you. You can consult with the great experts from Patco Construction Company ME that have a lot of experience in this field and see whether they can satisfy your expectations.

Things that reliable and credible company needs to have

When you are hiring a construction company, you need to research very well that company in order to ensure you hired the right one. For instance, a credible contractor company will always have a portfolio. In other words, you need to investigate their work history because every good company will have a history of work and projects that will be proud to show. In that way, they attract new customers. So, as you see, you should not look just at the price because there are many other things you need to check when you are hiring the construction company. You are risking very much if you hire an unverified company. All good companies have previous experience, so you should be free to ask them to show you references and previous projects. Also, you should not forget to ask about both professional and financial references. Every trustworthy company will be more than willing to show you.

Ask about insurance coverage and their license

When you are hiring a construction company, you should not be embarrassed to ask for insurance coverage and to see their license. Logically, before you ask them to provide you legal documents, we suggest you ask around what companies need to have. In other words, you should find what license and registration they need to have and ensure they can not deceive you. If the construction company has all the necessary legal credentials, that means they can legally do their job and you can trust them.  On the other hand, as we said, you need to search for proof of insurance because that will protect you and your project. In the end, you will have peace in your mind knowing you hired the right company for the job and spare yourself from potential stress and unpleasant scenarios.

They should provide you all the asked information

All companies that provide some kind of service put their customers and their needs in the first place. They are working for them, so they need to provide you all the information you are asking from them. Logically, a reliable contractor company will understand how important it is to develop mutual trust between the customers, so they are willing to answers and meet their requirements. One more thing that all good construction companies will do is obtaining the necessary permits and inspections in order to ensure that your project is according to industry standards and rules.

The company needs to provide you written estimate

If you are wondering whether you hired the right construction company just check whether they provide you a detailed written estimate of the project. That means they needed to give you all information about the project, costs, resources, supplies, etc. Also, they need to show you financial documents, so you would know how much each part of the project costs. In that way, you will have a full representation of where your funds go. Also, you will be prepared for unexpected costs. In case you notice and suspect hesitation of the company or they are trying to hide something from you, that would be a clear sign they are doing something they should not.


One more thing you should pay attention to when you are wondering whether you hired the right company is upfront costs. More precisely, the deposit for the entire project is something they have the right to ask for, but that is usually an affordable price. However, they should not require the full amount of money upfront. Logically, they should expect money until they finish the project for you. Despite this, you should compare the prices with some other companies as well and see whether they are asking for the same or similar amount of money. That will be a clear sign that the company does not only want to take your money. Instead, they want to be fair and charge you the proper amount of money for the completed project.

Check their reviews and reputation on the Internet

While we are living in the digital era, we should take advantage of it. More precisely, since you probably own a smartphone and have social media accounts, you should check for the profiles and pages of the construction company. Search on Google, Instagram, FB and see their reviews and pictures of their previous projects and decide whether you are satisfied with the things you are seeing there. A good construction company will put a big effort into their “portfolio” and try really hard to satisfy their customers with the samples of their previous work. So, if you see they have a good reputation and reviews, you should not worry about whether you hire the right team for the job!

The company has the right equipment 

Construction companies need the right tools and equipment to get the job done safely, efficiently, and effectively. But what exactly should you look for when assessing a company’s equipment? Here are some signs that a construction company has the right gear for your project:

Qualified Operators – Make sure that any operators of heavy machinery in a construction site are certified and trained in safety procedures and proper use of the equipment. 

Advanced Technology – Many jobs require more than manual labor – modern technologies such as robotics and computer-aided design can be used to help manage complicated worksite operations while also boosting productivity and precision.

 Well-Maintained Machinery – Ensure that all of the heavy construction equipment being used on site is regularly inspected and serviced by qualified professionals. 

Safety Gear – It goes without saying that any employees working on a construction site should have access to protective gear including helmets, goggles, gloves, etc., to minimize the risk of injury from falling debris or hazardous materials.

They respect the rules you established

Every credible and experienced construction company will be respectful of your opinion, your rules, and the property they need to work on. In other words, while they are working for you, they need to do the job and respect the workspace and working time. Also, they should clean after they make a mess every day. Logically, communication is key, so you and your construction team should stay in touch and consult regularly and fix all the potential problems. In that way, you will be familiar with the process of their work and they will be familiar with your expectations. So, if something unexpected came up, you will all try to discuss the option and fix the problem easily.