Hillary Clinton on the fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel

Even though she’s probably the last person you’d think would get involved in Dwayne Johnson’s affairs in any way, but believe it or not, she actually did so – Hillary Clinton showed up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and agreed to answer some questions from the people behind the scenes.

It all started with one man asking “What is your proudest achievement as Secretary of State?” However, it wasn’t long before it all swiftly dissolved into anarchy and, just like that, some guy outside a doorway was asked her “The Rock? Or Vin Diesel?” And while some might have expected Hillary Clinton to skip such a question, she surprised everyone saying “What a tough question. Boy.”

Of course, he wanted to know which of the two her favorite, and, to this man’s joy, she gave a rather elaborate answer. She said “The Fast and the Furious movies prove that both are masters of high-octane action, and while The Rock is an indispensable part of the later films, Vin Diesel is really the heart and the centre of the Toretto family. And in the end, everyone is better off when they can look past what divides them and work together. You know, I like to say, ‘Stronger Together.’ ”

Not only did she surprise everyone by actually commenting on the subject, but she also left many speechless after giving the wrong answer. How could anyone choose Diesel over The Rock, right? Even Diesel’s fans are well aware that they stand on the dark side. Let’s just remember the feud between the two during the shooting of The Fate of the Furious – clearly, everyone stuck by Johnson, it was simply a more natural thing to do. When you look at the two, it’s quite obvious that Diesel is the one that’s hard to work with. So, no matter how much we all respect Clinton, we have to admit that she may have made the wrong choice this time.