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Helpful Information About Choosing A Plumber For Gas Fitting

When you have appliances that require the use of gas in your home, then a licensed gas fitter must attend to service related queries, as unlicensed gas work is hazardous and illegal.

A qualified gas fitter or plumber can assess all your appliances and connections and ensure that they are safe to use and not posing any potential danger to you or your family.  But what are the considerations when you’re looking for a gas fitter to repair and maintain your gas appliances?

Informational Tips On How To Find A Reputable Gas Fitter:

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How do I know that I am dealing with a reputable gas fitter?

A gas person is a professional that specialises in installing and servicing gas appliances and fixtures in industrial, commercial and residential areas. Apart from maintenance, they can also assist you with installing burners, valves, regulators and gas meters. You’ll often notice advertisements of plumbers that advertise plumbing as well as gas fitting services.

However, you must be careful when picking plumbers Sunshine Coast to assist you, as gas fitting is a separate occupation that requires different qualifications and training than plumbing. Therefore, it is crucial that the relevant plumbing company has the necessary qualifications and are certified to do a gas fitting including other related services.

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What are the services that a gas fitter can assist you with?

  • Reading and interpreting specifications, drawings, and plans.
  • Measuring and marking locations where the gas equipment is to be found.
  • Testing pipework that is used for gas appliances.
  • Installation of gas pipes.
  • Installing equipment and appliances that are using gas to operate.
  • Installing flues for gas equipment.
  • Installing gas pressure regulating and detection systems.
  • Giving clients guidance on using and maintaining their gas appliances accurately.
  • Installation of LPG systems in boats or caravans.
  • Servicing and maintaining gas appliances and equipment.
  • Maintaining ancillary equipment and pipes that are relevant for safe operating of items that make use of flue gases.
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Choosing a gas fitter

  • Always find out if the gas fitter you are considering using, have the necessary license and qualifications to provide gas fitting services. Make sure they can present the right type of license for your requirements.
  • Ideally, the gas fitter must be able to provide 24/7 assistance in emergency situations such as leaking gas and splitting pipes.
  • It is always commendable to get at least three quotes from separate companies to ensure you are choosing the best one to do your gas appliance installation or maintenance. It’s not advisable to pick necessarily the cheapest one, as is much more appropriate to choose a company that can do the installation as prescribed and has your family’s safety in mind. When the installation is not done properly, you may be confronted with unsafe conditions later on, because dealing with volatile materials such as gas can become dangerous when not handled correctly.
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How much will I pay when hiring a Gas fitter?

Gas fitters charge per hour, and you are looking at approximately $50 to $90 hourly, depending on the region and location of your property. There will be an extra charge for products or materials used.