Gustavo Sorola – One of the Founders of Rooster Teeth Productions

Gus Sorola, who also goes by the nickname “The Cheese Master” is an actor and podcast host of Hispanic decent and both of his parents are Mexican but he lives in the United States but he is mostly known for working with Rooster Teeth.

Early Life

His full name is Gustavo Raul Sorola III and was born in Austin, Texas but grew up and was raised in Eagle Pass, Texas, which is located right next to the US-Mexico border. As far as his education goes he never finished college, he was attending Rice University but decided to drop out and started working at a tech support company called teleNetwork, and that’s where he met the two men with whom he founded Rooster Teeth, Geoff Ramsey and Burnie Burns.


Gus Sorola is one of the founders of Rooster Teeth Productions. He still works at the aforementioned company and takes part and appears in many of their productions. Since he founded the company in 2003 he’s done a lot of work for them like voicing the character of Richard Simmons in the popular machinima series Red vs. Blue. He also gave his voice in The Strangerhood which aired from 2004 to 2006. As for his live-action work, it includes Rooster Teeth Shorts that started airing in 2009 and Immersion which began in 2010.


Another big part of his job is hosting podcasts which he has done at Rooster Teeth Podcast, which used to be known as the “Drunk Tank” since 2008. The podcast is weekly and there have been over 500 of them so far, Gus has missed only around 50 so far. On the podcast itself, Sorola shares many stories about his own life, like what his childhood was like living near the US-Mexico border and about the beginning of his career. There was another podcast which he hosted, it was Rooster Teeth’s video game podcast called The Patch.

Private life


At the moment Gustavo is married to Esther Sorola, the two of them live in Austin, Texas and have two dogs called Oswald and Benjamin, but at one point he stated that he probably does not want to have any kids. He is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and has even been the one to perform a couple of marriages for his close friends and colleagues. You could say that Gus is a very straight forward and pragmatic person but if you were to ask him to describe himself he would say that he is antisocial and that he tries very hard to not be in close contact with a lot of people at any time. He also loves playing video games.

Accomplishments and accolades

Gustavo Raul Sorola does not have any awards but can still be considered very successful both in his work and personal life. Having a wife and a family can certainly consider a success which a lot of people fail to find in life. Some other works he did for Rooster Teeth include Halo 3, Ten Little Roosters where he plays the role of himself, Lazer Team where he is a disheveled scientist, Marvel Avengers Academy where he voices the character of Hawkeye and his last production is Bill Nye Saves the World where he plays himself. He has also attended many panels and events in the 15 years he has worked at Rooster Teeth


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