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Guide to Choosing the Garage Doors

Is your garage door falling apart or just not looking good? If that is the case, then it is high time you go into the market in search of garage doors which can replace what you currently have. It needs to be one that will be able to suit your home, easy for you to operate, and one that will give you service for a very long time.

Apart from a new garage door providing you with secure, safe, and easy access to your garage, it should also be able to refresh and renew the overall appearance of your home, especially from curbside. Whenever garage doors are replaced, it will be able to give your home a curb appeal which is instant.

To avoid getting a door that will not last for long, here are some of the things you need to look out for.

  • Get an in-person quote

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When you purchase a garage door online or over the phone, chances are that you might make the wrong choice. Remember that, each garage door is unique in its own way. Design decisions, shape and size, side and headroom clearance are important things to check before you make your purchase. And in case something goes wrong, you will not have anyone to blame. Ensure that, you get purchasing your garage door in person, ask the salesperson to come over to your house and check where you want to install it before you order the door.

  • Beware of doors made from wood

When new, real wood looks great. But unless you are willing to devote your money and time in ensuring that you maintain them, the looking good will not last for a long time. The finishes on the wood will only last for a short while before they require recoating. And if you don’t do it, there will be a need for you to sand it off and start afresh with the finish. But if that is your option of the type of door you want for your garage, then it is good to know that, you can get it looking as good as new at an affordable price. You can consider getting a garage door with a fiberglass skin or wood composite overlay. They look like real wood with the stability and longevity that plastic offers.

  • Insulation Upgrade

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If you want an insulated garage door so that you can keep your garage warm or save the energy, then you will have to spend more to upgrade from polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. The R-value is what determines the insulating effectiveness of your garage door. The higher it is, the better it is going to insulate. If you are able to upgrade from 2-in polystyrene to intellicore, ensure that the insulating value is upgraded from R-9 to R-18 which is worth the money you spend on it.

  • Get Beefier Springs

It is the springs which ensure that the garage door goes up easily and when it is coming down, it does so slowly. Check them out before purchasing your door.