Gudrun Himmler never gave up Nazi ideology

Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Burwitz was the daughter of Margarete Himmler and Heinrich Himmler. She was 14 when she was left without father, and unlike most children whose fathersserved Hitler on a high hierarchical scale, she did not give up on hers.

In life, one needs to be decent, brave and kind. In his collection of poetry, this is how Himler spoke to his 13-year-old daughter, Püppi, as he used to called her.Heinrich Himmler loved his daughter very much and had her regularly visited him to his offices in Berlin from Munich.

Her world completely fell apart when Himmler committed suicide in the remand center of Allies near Luneburg, 24 May 1945.He was arrested on May 22, 1945, for having false documents, but was quickly recognizedin captivity.

He was supposed to be tried together with other major German commanders in Ninberg but Himmler committed suicide. He drank a cyanide pill before the trial began. His last words were: “Ih bin Heinrich Himmler!” (I am Heinrich Himmler!).

Gudrun and her mom were arrested by the Americans after Himmler’s death. They were detained in various camps in Italy, France and Germany. They were later brought to Ninberg, where they testified at the trial and were released in November 1946.

Gudrun later recalled those years with bitterness, describing them as the hardest part of her life. She also said that she and her mother were treated in a way as if they had to redeem her father’s sins. Nevertheless, she never gave up Nazi ideology.

In the 1950s, Gudrun was saying that she would go to the United States, to find “her father’s documents” in order to prove that he didn’t commit suicide but was killed instead.

Gudrun Himmler, also known as the “Princess of Nazism”, denied the Holocaust until the end of her life and claimed that her father was a “good man”.