A Good Set of Iconic Games

Legendary games are hard to come by these days which is why you have iconic ones from before. All you need is a good set of iconic games to get you started on your gaming journey. Regardless of your age or gamer level, you’ll need to play some of these games if you haven’t done so far. Here are some suggestions in that regard:

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This is a rather recent addition to the set of iconic games. However, it’s a damn fine game. You play as Geralt and you’re on your way to finding your daughter Ciri, who happens to be the heiress of the Empire of Nilfgard. On your way, you’ll complete various quests filled with all sorts of magical creatures like witches, dwarfs, ghosts, ghouls, and more. It will give you a world filled with magic and romance and knights and princesses too.

You’ll get to experience the wonders of Slavic mythologies and if you’re up for it you can go for the 2 expansions called Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. A set of books inspired the games as the Wild Hunt is the third one in the franchise. The books were also adapted into a TV show on Netflix which is currently conjuring the next set of episodes in the third season. Sadly, Henry Cavil won’t return as the titular Geralt of Rivia.

Assassin’s Creed the Ezio Trilogy

This is one of the best trilogies made up of iconic games. It all starts with Assassin’s Creed II where you meet Ezio and the tragedy that befalls his family. He manages to survive after avenging his father and brothers who have been falsely accused of treason. Then he’s exposed to a world of Assassins and Templars, 2 orders that have been at it for centuries. In the end, he takes on Rodrigo Borgia to get the mysterious Apple of Eden. The story goes on in Brotherhood when he takes on Rodrigo’s son Cesare to remain in control of the Apple.

Finally, In Revelations, you get a mature and older Ezio that unlocks the secrets of Masyaf only to discover that he’s just a pawn in a bigger play. You’ll get to visit Renaissance Italy and climb any building you like, historical landmarks included. On your way to complete missions, you’ll get to meet historical figures like Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli, Da Vinci, Lorenzo Di Medici, and others. The games tie in with the present-day too as the 2 orders are at each other throats to this day.

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout is a game that features a post-apocalyptic future. It’s a future of a ravaged Vegas after a nuclear blast and you’ll have to navigate through it so you can complete various missions and deal with various factions along the way.

The old Vegas of today is doing well and is far from that future. Most of that industry is online nowadays and sites like link to site come with a variety of titles. Lots of table games and many slots launched by providers are available on such sites. The main thing about them and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

The spirit of Vegas endures in New Vegas as there are 5 establishments where you can try your luck and win many bottle caps, gear for your character, or a suite if you’re lucky enough.

Age of Empires Franchise

If you’re bored of RPG titles, then maybe a strategy game would do you some good. You’ll get to think a bit before making a decision and you’ll be able to take your decision-making skills to the next level by playing such games. The best franchise to give you a bit of fun and improve your tactical skills is the Age of Empires franchise.

As the name suggests, you’ll get to build and keep your empire in this series of games. You’ll go from the times of swords and shields to the times of gunpowder and canons. You’ll get to be in control of it all as you’re sending workers to get wood, gold, stone, and food to keep your population prosperous.

You’ll also establish trade with friendly tribes and nations as you move your civilization up a notch. Build your army for the nations against you and you’ll be victorious when building your empire. You can pick any one of the games in this series as you’re bound to be enjoying them immensely.


Certain developers seem to remain dark horses in the world of gaming. But they still make awesome titles. Don’tNod is one such developer, and this is the company that created the Vampyr video game. Besides the strange spelling of the word vampire, you’ll also get a game with an amazing story. You’ll step into the shoes of Jonathan Reid, a British surgeon, and blood transfusion specialist, that’s sent home after the Great War.

Spanish Flu has ravaged London, but there’s another kind of disease that’s taking over the town. Reid is bitten and left dead only to rise again as a vampire. Pretty soon, you’ll meet Dr. Swansea who will help you on your quest in discovering your nature and help you remain undetected. You’ll set out on a path of discovery as to why the vampire plague is spreading and as you go about it you’re looking to find who your maker is.

You’re going to defeat the bloodthirsty Skals and face the Guard of Priwen, vampire hunters out for blood, as you’re traversing vampire-infested London. You can help people in the many districts by giving them the medicine they need or you can turn to your vampire ways and suck them dry. The choice is yours, but it will come with consequences.


These are only some of the iconic games that have been released throughout the years. Some are old while others are new, but all of them are united in providing you with unique and amazing gaming experiences.