Tips & tricks for getting your G1 license in 2021

Attaining a G1 license is one of the most crucial aspects for any Ontario individual seeking to drive a car. After all, it is the stepping stone for the next advanced driving licenses. As such, getting this beginner license as soon as possible is necessary for getting a fully-fledged driving license as soon as possible. That being said, attaining the G1 license is no easy task.

It has a tremendous failure rate and many people consider it hard to pass on your first try. However, with proper training and meticulous study, anyone can get their G1 license on their first try. There are also several online resources that help you with your G1 license test. If you are interested in knowing more about these online resources, you should check this site out.

If you too are an anxious individual worried about how your G1 evaluation will go, then worry not. There are several tips and tricks one can equip while doing the G1 license test to ensure great results. If you too want to be the recipient of good results for your beginner license test, then we have you covered.

In this article, we’ll go through some extensive tips that will bolster your chances of getting that license. Read this article till the end to make sure you don’t miss out on any crucial detail.

Do your research

One of the most vital things that many teenagers miss out on is doing prior research before going for the examination. This can have really adverse effects and unwanted surprises for you. If you plan for your G1 license test with one set scenario in mind, and you go there and find out that it’s completely different from what you envisioned, then it can severely deter your concentration as well as focus.

Research online about how the examination process is usually conducted with relevance on today’s date, what the timings are and if they are prone to change. Also check the location of the exam and if it’s feasible for you to travel. All this research helps later when you finally set out to travel to your exam destination and write your exam. The more you research, the more you minimize unwanted surprises that you didn’t expect.

Study all the rules and regulations

A considerable amount of the questions in the G1 test are based on the rules and regulations you would find in the fundamental driver’s manual. Thus, it should be the core aspect of your preparation and learning. Focus intensively on the rules stated in the manual and make sure you understand what they mean.

Along with the rules you may also need to understand the various signs and signals which are comparatively easier to understand. Understanding these rules and signs is what makes you a qualified driver that is fit to drive vehicles on public roads.

Go through lots of practice tests

While we don’t know if practice makes a man perfect, we certainly do know that it helps you pass your G1 license with ease! Attending the various practice tests at online resources can give you a feel of how the examination works and what you should expect. It will help your time management and let you know what kind of preparation you should have for each type of question.

Practice tests are pretty similar to the real test and if you are looking for the best way of checking if you are ready for the test or not, it is by doing practice tests without any aid. They are easy to access, mostly free and they only take a few minutes of your time to complete. Thus there is no inherent disadvantage in taking a practice test, but there are many if you don’t.

Rest well for better concentration

Like all the other tests in your life, your G1 driving license test should be met with proper planning. A major component of this planning should be a comfortable 8 hour night sleep before the examination. This will help you focus your mind on important things and not get affected by weariness. Concentration is immensely vital when writing the G1 test exam because of its tricky questions that may befuddle you if your mind isn’t working at 100% capacity.

It also helps you make a better impression on your examiners. If they observe that you are groggy, haven’t dressed properly, and look in a bad shape, they would be inclined to cut your marks away from your test for improper behavior. After all, one of the most cardinal rules of driving is that you should never drive when you are sleepy. If you arrive there half-asleep, the most obvious inference would be that you will tend to break this rule in future.

Utilize your time wisely

When we say that you should utilize your time properly, we don’t necessarily mean the time you get in the G1 exam. We mean utilization of time in the general scheme of things. For example, say your test is at 9:00 am. Then you need to ensure that you arrive there at least 30 mins before the test starts, that is at 8:30, to check the arrangement of things.

This also gives you a better idea of what you should be expecting in your test, what terminal you would be working on, and which place exactly would the exam be held on. If you arrive, say, 2 or 3 minutes before you will obviously rush things up to make it to your exams on time. This can disorient your thoughts and eliminate whatever concentration you had for the exam.

The time you get in exams should also be considered, observed, and utilized wisely. Figure out the total amount of time you get, divide it with the total number of questions and figure out how much average time you should spend on a question.

Getting stuck on a complicated question is the easiest way to lose marks on other questions because you didn’t get time to solve them. Ensure that you only allot a maximum amount of time for a question after which you should leave it be if you couldn’t find the answer and move on to the next question.


There are several tips and tricks for getting your G1 license in 2021, that too on your first try. We hope this article helped you achieve that and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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