4 Things to Check Before Getting a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Case

Being in an accident can really throw you off the course, completely changing your plans. Regardless of the type of the accident, if it was a car crash, or something else, one can never be prepared enough to cope with these things. One thing is promised, you’re going to face a lot of expenses like medical, and this is nothing compared to what you will be faced with when the insurance companies start to drag you through their procedures.

Since it can be such a draining process, you should definitely consider hiring someone to represent you in these difficult times. And should be someone who can state your case properly, such as a personal injury lawyer. This is especially true for those who have never experienced this, and have no idea how to file a lawsuit (read more about filing a lawsuit). Now, you probably know all about these lawyers, since many of them are being advertised on television, but is everything just as they say in the advertisement? And how can you know, or rather, how can you assess whether these TV guys are reliable or not?

Well, such things need to be checked. In fact, there are four most important things you need to check before you hire a lawyer for such delicate things. Read below to find out what they are.

1. Will he be able to handle your case…

The difference between a good lawyer and the one who only wishes to charge you for his services, is the real ones don’t take your case if they are not sure they can handle it. When you show interest in their services, they will assess how much time, energy, and expertise they can dedicate to your case.

Since time plays a crucial role in the success of your case, this will also show whether he can or cannot handle it. And how can you know? Simple. If it’s a small firm, for example, one person, then chances are he will not be able to commit the time your case deserves to be successful. Therefore, search for bigger firms, with more people employed as lawyers, and if possible, those who have other staff employed. For example, record specialists, since they will be dealing with your medical records, and so on. This is a sign you’re in good hands.

Finding an attorney who has time to dedicate to your case will increase your chances of getting the fair settlement you deserve. And, it’s also in their best interest to get the best possible settlement, since they will have a percentage of it.

2. Experience

The firm could have all the best lawyers in the country working for them, but they have never dealt with personal injuries, chances to get your fair settlement will drop significantly. It’s the same with everything in life. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your car, right?

That’s why checking the previous experience they have with these issues is important.

A lawyer cannot be called successful if he had one or two good cases. Chances are he’s not prepared for a special scenario like yours. The one who can prove he has years of experience working on cases like yours is the right one for you. What can also tell you that you have found a strong, tough, dedicated persona is his success rate. This does not have anything to do with winning cases but will tell you all about professionalism in a person.

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3. License


There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them have a license to deal with personal injuries. How can you know if the one you would like to hire has a license? You could just keep it simple and ask to see it, or you can also do some digging. The best place to dig is the bar associations. These are associations made of lawyers or legal representatives only, that contain literally everything about them. And all of it is available online. Each state has its own association, and when you search their directory, you can find all kinds of stuff like their education, years of experience, how successful they were in the past, and whether or not they hold a license.

4.  How long will the process take if it goes to court?

Courts and court decisions are highly unpredictable, but an inevitable phase of your settlement journey if the other side that took part in the accident is not willing to take a different road. Since they are like this, they can sometimes exist and take quite a lot of patience. Before you enter the process your experienced lawyer should be able to assess your case and give you a rough time frame. So, you can arm yourself with patience, and get the idea of who will be running your case in court. A rookie, or someone who knows the territory well. Things can always change course and change, but you will rest assured you’re in safe hands, or someone who can handle whatever comes your way.

It is true that good lawyers can be hard to find, but this does not mean they do not exist at all. Try and ask around to see if someone you know has suffered similarly, and gotten out of it a winner. Maybe they have someone to suggest from their experience. Better dig well before deciding on who will represent you, then enter the whole thing with someone who has not enough experience and suffer financial loss as well. A professional will add more solidness to your already unstable ground, so you can concentrate fully on the recovery.

Another super important thing is communication. You need to establish a healthy relationship, in which you can admit your faults in the accident, without feeling you’re judged. Only when the communication is open enough can you hope for the possible outcome.