Get to know – Claretta Petacci, the love of Mussolini’s life

Claretta Petacci is probably the biggest love of Benito Mussolini’s life. He was the ruler of Italy during the World War II, better known as El Duce, which means the leader.

She met him by accident back in 1932 when she was only 20. Claretta Petacci was the one to pursue him, and Mussolini was more than willing to hang out with her. He was just one of those men who couldn’t say no to a woman.

In her Diary, which was actually locked and hidden for over 70 years, she wrote that Mussolini would always contact her whenever she was feeling lonely and bored. Even though she was aware how big of a player he was when it came to women, Claretta Petacci constantly stood by his side. She even wrote that he was once seeing fourteen women at the same time!

He was married to Rachele but didn’t really enjoy being intimate with her. His marriage wasn’t a problem for them as they were lovers until their death in 1945.

She never really minded the fact that he was playful with women. Petacci affection towards El Duce never faded. Claretta probably knew that this war was not going to end well for Italy, but she never left her man. That probably did cost her her life, since Mussolini was caught by the Italian partisans when he was trying to flee to Spain in 1945.

Both of them were detained overnight and it was the last night that they spent together. The following day – this couple was executed.


Clareta had always known that he was a dictator but also wrote that he even felt like a lot of things were out of his control, that he felt like he was a slave at times.

At the time of her death, Claretta Petacci was only 33. On the other hand, Mussolini was actually 28 years older than the love of his life.


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