Get Relief from a Snoring Partner

Snoring is a huge problem around the world. Not only does it affect the person doing the snoring, but it also affects other people that they share a house with. In fact, more people complain about others snoring rather than their own snoring condition. That is because the person snoring only makes that noise while they are sleeping.

Most people do not even know they snore until someone points it out to them. Even then, they will usually be in denial and think it’s a temporary thing. So if you are living with a partner that snores and wondering what you can do to get some relief yourself, I will go through some steps you can take tonight.

What causes snoring?

The most common cause of snoring is sleep apnea. If your partner has a severe snoring problem, you should consider seeing a professional sleep center. They can provide tests that determine how severe their case is and prescribe a sleeping mask if needed.

Professional help should be the first step anyone should take for serious conditions. Of course, there are other options to help your partner if they have mild snoring or a mild case of sleep apnea, and we will cover them below.

Making first contact

What I mean by this is you should first simply mention the snoring issue to your partner. You never know, they might not be aware of it or don’t believe they snore.

You can use a recording device to record the sound they make while sleeping or possibly a video them snoring. This should be enough of a shock to them to get up and do something about it.

Gift them a pillow for snoring:

If you weren’t aware, companies make specially designed pillows that help reduce snoring. They usually have contours in the memory foam to adjust the position of the neck to allow air to enter and exit more freely.
These pillows don’t cost much more than an average pillow but can reduce the amount of snoring better. You can find reviews of the best pillows for snoring and sleep apnea here.

So the next time a holiday comes around, and you aren’t sure what to buy as a gift, consider a pillow for snoring as an option. It will surely help both of you get a better night’s sleep.

Move to another room

This is a more extreme step you can take to get some rest from the snoring your partner might make, but it can make a huge impact for the both of you.

First of all, your partner will see how serious you are about their snoring problem. They will see that you are willing to change your own sleeping habits just to get away from their noisy snoring.

This will surely send the message that they have a serious problem, and they need to take the necessary steps to get some relief. If they are still in denial at that point, you will still be able to get a better night’s sleep regardless.

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