How to Get Excellent Gaming Experience from PUBG: New State on PC?

PUBG: New State is the game where players have waited so long for a release. It follows up with the original PUBG Series, and the new PUBG: New State seems to dominate the game and stream to the zeitgeist. But the mobile version called PUBG Mobile will be the most popular game so far.

After spending four years straight, the mobile gamers are now getting a new playground to run with PUBG: New State, which is releasing on the 11th of November 2021. The game is initially placed in the year 2051 and will take the shape up from the old formula of PUBG. The original game launched first back in 2071 along with a mobile version, and it suddenly became a hit to many countries. There were billions of downloads for it, and more than 6$ billion were grossed in August 2021. So there is no wonder for the sequel coming as a straight mobile version.

While Tencent was responsible for handling the game development of PUBG Mobile, PUBG: New State is straight reaching PUBG Studios, the developer of PUBG on PC. Mobile games will be new territory for the PUBG Studios, but we are eagerly waiting to see how the new series instalment will shape the mobile gaming world.

About the Game


Krafton Inc has already confirmed the global release of PUBG: New State into both android and iOS. The game has 200 countries launching and will be playable in more than 17 languages. It was checked that all things are working fine from a last technical test performed on 29th of October within 28 countries. The game trailer gives us a clear peek at how the game will see, and it is obvious that a battle royale-style is coming to PUBG as a comeback.

And also, we have taken into consideration the new features, especially drones flying in the sky where they deliver some supplies and perform recon. We can also see there are defeated players, and the opposing team will recruit them. So there will be possibilities of turning your match unsuitable if the opposing team players have failed you.

Settings of the Game

This new game is happening 30 more years ahead in the future as of 2051. While this year seems like having a post-apocalyptic vibe, the landscapes seem so lush and vibrant. Sometimes it may happen because the new game has some upgraded graphical options.

In addition to these all, PUBG: New State’s world has more advanced technology. There are characters shown in the trailer with trailer sporting tools, and it seems like a one-armed computer eyeglass. This will be clear evidence to prove that the game has a more futuristic transportation system. There is also a billboard projecting the holograms to prove this world has outstanding future elements on it.

Weapons and the Customization

The gunplay in this new game has been upgraded for sure. Developers are showing off some performance with several guns in the game’s official Youtube. The spray and the recoil on each weapon are different based on the position where you fire. It also depends on whether you are standing, crouching or shouldering your gun.

There is also another added feature to the game as weapon customization. You are allowed to tweak weapons based on your choice. Players are allowed to change their gun’s behaviour and look.

Gameplay Game Mods

At the initial launch of PUBG: New State, we will see four maps. Among them, Erangel makes a return from the original PUBG series, and the Troi will be the game map. The game will be constantly updated with regular updates since the developers made it obvious. So the PUBG: New State will have a long life just like it had with the original series.

The team also revealed that this New State would bring up an uncompromised and a whole experience from the PUBG battlegrounds. So this PUBG: New State will have more included game modes which were initially lacking with PUBG mobile.

Why Play PUBG: New State on a PC and How?

PUBG: New State has to be played on a PC since it is a battle royale game. A battleground needs more vision, and it needs some more clear controlling options to gain the benefit from that battleground. When the game is on a tiny mobile screen, the exploration of the mobile games cannot be adequately done and then it is better to have a PC.

When you use a PC to play PUBG: New State, it gives more vision to the game maps, and since you are using your mouse along with the keyboard, you get better controls from the game than you had on mobile. Mobile is not the ideal way to play a battle royale game like PUBG: New State, so you have to play it on a PC with better graphics.

Playing a mobile game on a PC is not as simple as you think. It needs an emulator installed on the device. Emulators are letting their users run mobile apps from their PC, and here for your help, you can also use an emulator to obtain the greatest gaming experience.

Since there are numerous emulator options to choose from, choose one that would be free and let you advance more to the game. So choose LDPlayer since it allows you to use it for free, and the keyboard mapping feature will allow you to create some unique key sets to deal easier with combats.