G1 Test Tips and Tricks to Help you Pass First Time

Learning how to drive a car is a necessity in today’s times because if you decide not to learn how to drive every aspect of your life might be a bit more complicated. For people living in big cities, it may not be the best option, because public transport is way cheaper, but in every other case, it will make your daily activities simpler. It’s enough to mention how almost every job position requires you to be a driver.

But what does it take to become one? Before officially obtaining a license, one has to undergo a couple of tests, in order to prove he has enough theoretical and practical knowledge on driving.

So, you’ll surely have to face a G1 test, as it will be the first step, you’ll take on your path towards becoming a driver. It contains all the questions about the theory of driving, which you need to learn and pass before getting behind that wheel. And naturally, you want to pass it from the first try. In order to do so, there’s a lot of learning that needs to be involved. But don’t freak out just yet, because we have gathered some pretty useful advice for you to apply, and nail test from the first try. Check them out below…

1. Get familiar with how the process looks like

In former times, these were done by going to the testing place and doing your test on a piece of paper. However, today everything involves computers, therefore testing is also done the easier way. What you can expect is to be tested on a computer that is connected to the main system, so the chances of you cheating are at the minimum. It is essential to know what it looks like, to avoid freaking out because of the surprise factor. This way you will feel comfortable and confident you’ll do things cold-headed and in the best possible way. Regardless of the date, the test is scheduled for, you should push yourself to give your very best to prepare, and minimize the risk of failing. A good piece of advice would also be to google how these computer terminals work, to familiarize yourself with the procedure at the start.

2. Do the learning part

This cannot be avoided and comes naturally if you want to pass the test on your first try. Therefore, allocate enough time to learn and understand the matter, in order to feel comfortable and confident in your knowledge of driving.

There are manuals you can use to get as much information as possible. Even though using them may sound dull, do not underestimate these manuals. They do contain super useful information and hints about what may be expecting you in your test. It’s still a great learning source. Other than this, all material that you can find online, video or reading, can be a good source for learning. Use whatever you find most convenient for you.

3. Practice online

Once you learn what to expect on the day of your testing, gain enough knowledge on all things that traffic includes, and move on to the actual testing. Lucky for you, this should be the easy part because there are tons of tests available online for practice. Just visit and do these tests whenever the time allows you to. Experiencing the questions, you’ll get used to the pattern, and when the testing day arrives, nothing will be able to surprise you. You’ll pass it on your first try.

4. Rest before the test

What many people tend to neglect when exposed to stress because of the exam, is self-care. Even though it is very important for you to nail it from your first try, you need to rest, especially the day before the test. Get some sleep, rest your brain, take it slow, and you’ll pass it from the first try. What good will it make if you have invested so much time in practicing if you didn’t get enough sleep and cannot even comprehend the question?

5. Read carefully

On the test day, take it slow. Don’t rush. You may feel confident about your knowledge, but not reading through the entire question may be a fatal mistake. Therefore, concentrate, and take it slow. Use all the time given to you, and don’t rush into finishing as soon as possible.

Applying these five tips will keep you on the right path toward passing the test from your first try. But, there are a couple of more things to consider if you want to nail it. Read them below.


Whether you will pass the test or not depends only on whether you have learned. Prepare to learn, mentally. Set aside a part of the day when you study and stick to that schedule.


If you are disturbed by the sound of notifications, messages, and calls during your studies, there is a great risk of the whole thing being a source of stress and is not so productive. You need to focus on the material you are working on in order to master it easily.


Divide learning into smaller units and materials. Review your knowledge before moving on to the next material. You will feel satisfied with the progress and have a great motivation to continue.


Mistakes are an integral process of any learning. Don’t look at them negatively, but be productive. Write down questions that are critical and talk to the instructor and colleagues about them. It will be easier for you to master them if you understand the essence of the question and answer than if you try to learn by heart.

Feeling confident is what you want to achieve on your test day. And the only way to evoke this feeling in you is to apply what we have written.