6 Furniture Items Every Church Needs

Like many other places of worship, a church is a specific place where Christians gather to worship. There are different church denominations around the world. Each of them has its specifications and worship methods. While traditional churches follow a fixed protocol, there are modern churches that lay a different trend totally.

Catholics are the largest denomination in the world. Although they are categorized into different groups, most Catholic churches have similar worship styles followed all over the world. Specific furniture in the churches is used for unique purposes.

In this article, we look at the top 6 furniture items every church needs. These items are common and have been used traditionally for centuries now. Catholic churches do not deviate too much from using traditional furniture. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top furniture items every Catholic church needs.

Top 6 Church Furniture Items That Are Required

Although many items can be included as essential furniture for the church, we have listed the top 6 ones. You can purchase church furniture from reputed companies. We also explain the purpose each piece of furniture serves in a traditional Catholic church.



It is something that every church should have. The pulpit is the place where the priest can deliver a message. These pulpits are designed in a way to allow anyone in any corner of the church to look at the priest when they are delivering their sermon.

It is also a place that serves as the primary part of the stage. You can commonly see the pulpit being placed right in the middle of the stage. This setup or setting gives better visibility and audibility, even to people sitting in the last row of the church.

Modern pulpits are designed and manufactured to allow advanced technology. Using a wireless receiver, transmitter, and other essentials for the audio system, to name a few. It also has a desk-type setting where the priest can place the bible while delivering the sermon.


An ambon can come in two types, and you can see some Catholic churches having two of these. While one is used for biblical readings, the other is for making announcements. Usually, the use of each one is not interchanged in a traditional Catholic church.

Traditionally, these were made of wooden materials. You can even find wooden Ambon in the market today from traditional suppliers or manufacturers. These days, however, you can see them made of a variety of materials. As of now, they are made of metal too.

You may also find sculptures, and some costlier options include having precious stones engraved in them. Irrespective of what materials they are made with, they form an integral part of the required furniture at a Catholic church. Deacons are usually the ones to use it.



Usually, a lectern is a smaller fixture that resembles an ambon or a pulpit. Wrought iron was used to prepare a lectern. However, these days you will find them made of different materials, like high-quality wood that is costly to acquire from church furnishings UK firms.

It also forms an integral part of the church furniture. The lectern is generally designed to hold or place a book, while it is being read or meditated upon. There are many companies like that sell these lecterns manufactured with a traditional look and you can find more about it at

Holy Altar

The holy altar is one of the most vital pieces of furniture that represents God’s presence in the church. The sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us is proposed on the Holy Altar. Therefore, its found in almost all churches, including the Catholic ones.

It is sacred in terms of the furniture available at the church. A Christian receives sacraments from the Holy Altar. It is also where a devotee of the church participates in the Holy Communion.

The Holy Altar contains many essentials considered both sacred and ritualistic for Christians. It can be of different materials, including wood, marble, metals, and even ceramic. Some of the furnishings found here are:

  • Cross
  • Table Cloth
  • Altar Candles
  • Other Candles

The Holy Altar is usually white, representing the purity of Jesus Christ. Despite the materials they are made of, they ensure that it is white, portraying purity.

Kneeling Stool


You can find kneeling stools in almost all churches around the world. It is designed with a platform or kind of space where a devotee can kneel while they pray or confess. It is an individual piece of furniture stuffed with soft material for comfort while kneeling.

Some manufacturers tend to design kneeling stools that are not cushioned but made of wood. These are usually cheaper but often are not preferred by people purchasing kneeling stools for churches. You can also see seating arrangements that have a kneeling platform.

These platforms are usually kept ready for every seat in the church where Christians are seated. While most Christians prefer to kneel while praying, some choose to stand or sit. It is typically a personal preference considering the physical ability of an individual.

Seating Arrangements For Members

The seating arrangements for the church members are usually wooden for almost all traditional churches. This type of furniture is fixed in one place and not moved often. They can be shifted for cleaning purposes but are relatively heavy and require people to move them.

Modern churches have a theatrical setting for their seating arrangements. It applies to large churches that have massive gatherings. However, the traditional Catholic churches still follow the same old pattern of wooden chairs that are interconnected, long, and heavy.

Bottom Line

When purchasing sacred items like church vestments, it is best to go with a traditional supplier or manufacturer. It can ensure that the reliability and authenticity of the furniture or furnishings that you purchase are never in question. Reputed manufacturers of furniture and furnishings have a rich history.

Some companies have even been in the business of providing church essentials for a few generations. Choosing a company that covers most of the supplies under one roof might be an ideal option. It would ensure that you get everything in one place and you do not have to run around looking for different things.

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