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Fuell will soon present two of its first electric vehicles – Flow and Fluid

In today’s automotive industry, electrically driven vehicles are not a novelty on the market at all, however, a company named Fuell will soon introduce its new machines in New York. It’s all about electric bikes called Fluid and Flow, and they are quite attracted to our attention. In fact, Flow is an electric bicycle, while Fluid belongs to electric motorcycles. The official launch of new vehicles will take place on April 23, 2019.

Fuell has founders who are experienced in the business

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The best word to describe the three founders of this company is certainly ‘experience’. Erik Buell is the person whose name was behind Buell Motorcycles, a company that was once owned by a well-known name in the world of motorcycles, Harley Davison. Also, Buell used to work as an engineer in the same company. We must say that Buell is a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame as well as that he is establisher of Erik Buell Racing. He is the CTO of Fuell, as well.

In addition to him, another key person in Fuell is Francois-Xavier Terny, who is the CEO of the company. His name is also related to Vanguard Moto Inc., which was co-founded by him. A third person who is equally important in Fuell’s three-person team is Frédéric Vasseur. He is the man who established Spark Racing Technology, a company that deals with Formula E. Also, Vasseur has been part of several Formula 1 teams, including Sauber F1 and Renault F1.

Now, when you know who is Fuell’s most important people, look at the features of the new machines that will soon be presented.

Fuell Flow

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First, let’s look at the features of a new motorcycle called Flow. The most remarkable thing you can notice when you look at this machine is that there is no chain or belt. This became possible thanks to a specially developed wheel-motor that is fitted to the rear of this motorcycle. Another thing that attracted our attention is the connected dashboard.

As for power, Flow is made in two versions, Flow-1 with 15 horsepower and Flow-1S with 47 horsepower. Since it is an electric vehicle, we must take into account that it takes a certain amount of time for its recharging. However, Flow takes only 30 minutes to complete recharge. The built-in battery will allow you to ride 125 miles on one charge. At first glance, Fuell Flow looks like a motorcycle that is quite comfortable for driving even on long distance journeys. If you consider this modern way of transport ideal for you and you are ready to give up traditional motorcycles, you will have to pay $10,995 for one like this.

Fuell Fluid

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Now let’s look at some specifications of a bicycle called Fuell Fluid. As well as the aforementioned motorcycle, this bike will have two of its versions, Fluid-1 which has a power of 250W as well as a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour that can be reached, while the second version of the Fluid-1S comes with twice as much power of 500W, as well as a higher maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Some common things for both versions are 74 pound-feet of torque and 980 Wh of capacity. This electric bike can be recharged at home, however, we do not currently know how much time is needed for this action. As for the price, for Fuell Fluid you will have to pay $3,295.


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