Frankfurt-based brand, Dr. Martin Schwarz with a plan to transform the oral care industry

The recent announcement of Business Insider about Dr. Martin Schwarz brand suggests, that the latter one strives to revolutionize the oral care industry.

At the beginning of July this year, Dr. Martin Schwarz has launched a new dental product called Bioscaling, which is claimed to create a big impact on oral hygiene standards. According to Business Insider, Bioscaling is an antibacterial gel for teeth, which tackles dental plaque and unwanted consequences of the prolonged accumulation of the plaque on the teeth surface. The product first of its type.

Dental plaque and oral health

The vast amount of dental problems is caused by bacteria accumulation in the mouth of the patient. Although such a process is completely natural, the growing population of bacteria and microorganisms on the teeth have a negative impact on overall oral health. Colonies of bacteria develop into a sticky, transparent dental plaque – which if left untreated, might harden and transform into yellowish dental calculus. Dental plaque has also an impact on cavities formation which progressively demineralizes dentin tissue and leads to the unpleasant dental condition. The plaque also elevates the risk of tooth sensitivity and periodontal diseases – as it is linked with the occurrence of periodontitis and gingivitis responsible for teeth loss.

Why Bioscaling might be revolutionary

It’s scientifically proven that poor oral hygiene is a major factor in dental plaque formation, and leads to tartar build-up. Unfortunately even brushing the teeth properly does not guarantee to prevent from dental calculus development. Individuals struggling with reoccurring tartar build-up have no choice, but to seek for help in dental clinics and dental scaling procedure. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising, that dental scaling is one of the most frequently performed dental procedures, which unfortunately is not very pleasant. Bioscaling – antibacterial gel for teeth might be a game-changer, as – according to Business Insider-  it removes dental plaque in a simple, painless way. Dental plaque removal and prevention from dental calculus formation is believed to not to be the only advantage of Bioscaling treatment. According to the spokesperson of Dr. Martin Schwarz brand – Dr. Matthias Berg, Bioscaling can be used independently at home which simplifies oral hygiene sessions and delivers results comparable to those seen after dental scaling. All of that – without the need of visiting dentists and waiting in lines. Bioscaling simply speaking – brings oral hygiene standard to the next level – added Dr. Matthias Berg.

Dr. Martin Schwarz

Dr. Martin Schwarz is an oral care brand with a range of several dental products addressed to dental professionals and perfect smile enthusiasts. According to the company’s official website, Dr. Martin Schwarz has developed a range of teeth whiteners: Home Comfort+, Expert 20%, Expert 38%, and Bioscaling – antibacterial gel for dental plaque removal.

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