Famous Footballing Cities You Need to Visit

Long term fan of football? Maybe looking to get into the game for the first time, no matter your relationship with the sport, we are here to show you some of the best cities in the world for the sport of football.

Get the most out of your experience and learn what football means to different communities around the world, and develop a deeper understanding and love for the game.

London, England

London brings us a vast number of professional football clubs who all have a strong history within England. Some of the teams include Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Watford, and Brentford. However, topflight players tend to salivate at the chance to join the largest clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

With 3 of the top teams in European football competitions currently, London is home to not just some of the most famous teams in the world, but a host of local teams and die-hard footie fans.

The city is home to 13 league sides, out of which 7 play for the Premier League. When it comes to cities that ooze football, you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere more footie mad than London.

Manchester, England

One of the greatest rivalries in English football, the Manchester derby is played between long time city rivals Manchester United and Manchester City with their fixtures frequently attracting sell-out crowds.

Like all great rivalries, this one has seen its fair share of drama and heated events, a notable one being the game in 2011 in which we witnessed Manchester City thump United 6-1. Manchester City, otherwise known as, ‘the noisy neighbours’ have always been a pain in Manchester United title races and in recent times we have seen city excel immensely to become premier league champions again with some mesmerizing football.

With the recent levels of money Manchester city are flooding in, we can expect to see top quality players coming in through the transfer windows and put even more of an edge on the exciting red vs blue derby.

Cairo, Egypt

This city may not initially spring to mind as a footie city, especially if you are not familiar with the sport, but it most certainly is. It is home to football teams such as Zamalek, Al Ahly, and the Pyramids FC.

Like many other fierce rivalries in the world of football, the Cairo derby stems back hundreds of years into history and is hugely shaped by historical, political, and economic factors.

This unique trio, among other teams, forms a fiercely fought and intense football rivalry in the city unlike any other in the world. The frequent playoffs between the 3 sides creates a buzz that any footie fan will adore.

Mexico City, Mexico

Taking a look across the pond and we have Mexico City, another football haven. Not only is Mexico City one of the biggest cities in the world, but it is also home to some of the best football teams in the world too. And it has a fan base to match.

The city is home to Club Universidad Nacional (UNAM), Cruz Azul, and the most popular in the nation, Club América.

Mexico City has long been known for its passion and a love for football that runs deep in the millions of fans that call the city home.

Milan, Italy

The Milan derby is regarded as one of, if not the biggest rivalries in Italy. It is contested between city rival’s AC Milan and Inter Milan with possibly the most unusual similarity in world football.

They share the same stadium, which both clubs named the ‘San Siro’. Similarly to other rivalries across the world, the origins of these teams stem back to a social divide between the fans with Inter Milan more commonly attracting the bourgeoisie (middle class) and AC Milan attracting the working class.

Both teams have enjoyed a lot of success both within Italy and in European competitions although in recent times have seen a number of Italian teams rising from the ashes to give the Italian Serie A more of an edge to it. However, at the end of the day, one of the most important things that matters to each of the Milan giants is proving to one another who dominates on the field and in turn – dominates the city.

Glasgow, Scotland

Last, but not least, we have the Scots of course. Glasgow is well known for its love of football and particularly its homegrown teams. The Old Firm teams of Celtic FC and Rangers FC are just two historic examples of football in the city and this rivalry between the Glasgow clubs is an infamous one going back to the 1880s.

Scottish football can often receive a negative outlook from various pundits and fans, particularly from those across the border. However, the Old Firm is a fixture that can always be sure to put on a show full of passion, hatred, intense rivalry, and top-quality football.

Old Firm matches are the pinnacle of football adoration, excitement, and intensity, with fans from both sides that have supported their respective teams for generations. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar atmosphere anywhere in the world for football than you’ll find In Glasgow during Old Firm night.

While You Plan Your Trips

Football is a worldwide sport and unfortunately, it’s not possible to list all the great footballing cities the planet has to offer, however we can only give our suggestions, so get out there and witness the beautiful game single-handedly for yourself and see what all the rave is about.

Although, we know it’s not always possible to visit these beautiful cities due to time, financial and other reasons out of our control, the best thing you can do is try and stay in the loop with these exciting league’s and follow the fierce rivalries closely.

A fantastic way to do so is by Stay updated and in the know about the latest football news and fixtures.

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