Florida: Is it a good place to live?

When deciding on a new place to live, many doubts, conjectures, fears and worries arise, since the destination you want to reach is not clearly known. Therefore, it is reasonable to investigate several important aspects, such as culture, food, labor, medical and educational areas. Everything with the purpose of analyzing if the new place to live is optimal or not.

The United States has many states, cities and counties with good political, economic and social stability. However, one of the most sought after is Florida. But, why? What is it that drags the attention towards this State? Given that there are many immigrants and citizens who choose it before everything else.

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Florida: the best destination

The state has almost 20 million citizens and residents. Therefore, it proves that it can be one of the best places to live and move without any problem. It has several important features that make it one of the best.

It has an excellent climate, warm in some seasons and temperate in others. In addition, education, medical services and labor areas are easy to get and maintain during the continuous stay of living in the state.

Some recommendations to live in Florida

1. Evaluate the State

It is important to know and analyze several factors of Florida before making any decision. Always choose to establish goals, expectations, long term dreams, family matters, disposition of the whole family group, among other things. It is an easy way to determine how convenient it is to live in that State.

2. Knowing if Florida is a convenient State

Florida is one of the most visited by immigrants, however, it has different types of cities that must be analyzed in order to know which is the best option. Therefore, the best way is to think about:

  • Labor area and employment opportunities.
  • Academic area (universities, schools and colleges).
  • Health area (hospitals, social security, clinics).
  • Food (markets, supermarkets, among others).
  • Civil security.
  • Recreational aspects (gyms, beaches, parks, soccer fields, among others).
  • Cost of living (monthly income from work, rent prices, among others).
  • Special services for senior citizens.
  • Special services for people with disabilities.

3. Consider the level of English proficiency

For the United States it is extremely important for every citizen to be able to handle English fluently, since it is how most people can communicate easily.

Without employment there is no income and without income there can be no quality of life. Certainly, Florida offers many political, economic and social benefits to people who want to live there. However, looking ahead of time is the best way to avoid coming up empty-handed. So, you should be constantly checking the job opportunities offered in the state or city where you want to go.

Most people in Florida speak Spanish, it is important to consider this point as a fundamental one if you want to live in this place.

Bonus Tip: Places to Visit in Florida

Moving to another town, state, or country is not an easy decision. People have the problem to move to another neighborhood when they are unsure whether that solution is good for them. We stated all things you should have in mind and research before moving to this wonderful state. However, before you make the final decision, it would probably be good to visit Florida as a tourist.

Yes, you will find a bunch of articles analyzing different aspects of life within the state. But, you won’t get a clear picture of how your life would look there. Because of that, we suggest you use the next holiday you have to visit some of the most beautiful destinations where you can meet a big number of locals.

In the further text, we have analyzed a couple of destinations that you should visit next time you come to this state. Let’s find them out together!

Fort Lauderdale

As someone who plans to live here, you should visit places full of people. However, you should also look for all the possible ways to meet the culture of the local people. Fort Lauderdale is the best location to start your journey. Reaching this place is not difficult at all; it is only 23 miles/37 kilometers away from Miami Beach.

The first thing you will see is the canal system, similar to the ones people have the chance to see in Venice. However, something that will be more useful for you is the big number of museums that you can find in this place. Despite that, there are a lot of entertaining things you can do. For instance, you can check golf courses, hotels, a big number of restaurants and cafes at “The Strip” where you can meet a lot of people, etc.

Tampa Bay Area

If you are a big fan of sports, then we are pretty sure that you have heard about NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay area has a couple of major towns like St Petersburg and Tampa where you can hang out with locals.

You should also explore the places where your children (one day) can find entertainment. Because of that, we suggest you visit Bush Gardens and the zoo located here. The activities you can enjoy there are completely family-oriented. You will easily notice that Florida is a family-friendly state.


It would be unfair not to mention Miami before ending this article. According to many, it is one of the most vibrant towns in the world where you will manage to find a mix of different cultures. A big number of people that live here are Latino. Just like you, they were looking for a state with many job opportunities as well as incredible nightlife and a big number of entertaining places.

Generally speaking, Miami has something to offer for everyone. There are many quiet places where families can enjoy their time, but there are also beaches and other areas of the town that are ideal for party scenes.