FireBooth – Perfect Solution For You To Start A Photo Booth Business

Photo Booths were always popular. Everyone has at least one photo from it. And the lines in the amusement parks are miles long, usually because it takes forever for those old machines to satisfy all of the visitors. Well, no more. We introduce you FireBooth.

Why is FireBooth better than others?

It is highly affordable, so you don’t need a lot of money to start your business or to keep it green. It is moveable, and the technology is proven. What is the most catchy thing about it, customers are everywhere!

It has some cool modern features. Your customers can connect to social media in real time. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, they can share photos with friends and family, or just post it online instantly! But if they don’t want to share, they can instantaneously save it on their smartphone or text message it to the phone. You can share photos on their Facebook wall, a good marketing option. You can add a green screen to the booth, that adds infinite options for background, and expands clients possibility to interact with it. Not only it takes photos, but visitors can also make videos (as well as in slow motion), and GIFs, making it more memorable. They can also add things to the photo/video, like signing it. What makes it super modern and accessible is its ease of use. The photo booth can be controlled via smartphone or other compatible devices.

Oval Mirror Photo Booth

Booth mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all. Released in September, this one is an elegant solution for commercial use (7-10 minutes set-up). 6ft tall, easy to move, with super white LED lights to attract and delight the crowd. But if you are looking for a more convenient variant…

Foldable Mirror Photo Booth

This one is unique, 7″ when folded and 55″ when unfolded and stands 4.3 feet tall. It is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, so it is easy to fold and transport. It contains foldable trays for computer or printer and has the latest features (two-way tempered glass, multi-colored remote control LED, etc.). And if you’re really fond of mirror-like types, there is yet another one…


This one takes it to the next level, with HD LED monitor, road case stylized, ease to move with the fully protected front cover. Also has a studio strobe flashlight, no visitor can refuse that, and this photo booth for sale might be perfect for starting your business.

SÓL series

T12 (2.0) One of Firebooths original series and models. With a ring flash and a 16’’ slideshow monitor. Coated in black or white (depending on your preference), can be broken down into 5 pieces and it takes around 3 minutes to set up. It perfect for private or corporate events!

And if you think that the screen is too small, then you should check  SÓL 3.0, with a 22’’ HD touchscreen. Slightly bigger but still portable. And it can be adjusted for portrait or landscape. And the best portable one currently on the market is SÓL LED, with super bright built-in LED lights.

If you want to wow your crowd, try NIMBUS IPAD PHOTO BOOTH

It has the brightest multi-colored LED. And one of the things that makes it popular is its biggest and brightest 12.9’’ IPAD

If you want something big and multi-colored, then you probably want XIA R LED (T20 LED) with Remote Controlled Multi-Colored LEDs, T22″ HD Touchscreen.

Firebooth is a Veteran owned business and is a BBB A+ accredited company. Schedule an appointment to visit the showroom. So what are you waiting for? Customers are willing to make photos everywhere with your photo booth!

Ricardo is a freelance writer specialized in politics. He is with from the beginning and helps it grow. Email: richardorland4[at]